Window and Floor Graphics: How Can You Convey Your Brand in Unexpected Places?

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Window and Floor Graphics: How Can You Convey Your Brand in Unexpected Places?

Window graphics might be something you hadn’t thought about when designing your business, including signs and graphics on your floors. Both ideas are something that businesses don’t always consider right away with the thought it’s too expensive or not necessary. Here at Gate City Signs, you don’t have to worry about massive expenses to provide these stylish sign and graphic ideas. Beyond that, they’re very eye-catching and should be considered seriously if you want to promote a permanent product or leave a lasting impression.

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Window Graphics

When you place your business logo on your windows, it can help get your branding into the mind of customers a little easier. One key business goal is to get your logo burned into everyone’s consciousness. By placing it around your store so people see it on every window, you help achieve that, especially if have the same customers coming in regularly.

If you want to limit your graphics to just one particular window, your best location is to place it on the main entrance door. There, customers can get up close and notice details perhaps not noticeable otherwise.

This isn’t to say you should just promote your logo. If your business has a product you plan to sell for the long term, consider promoting it on viewable windows around your store. This can also be done in color so visitors can see the details of your product before they even enter an aisle.

Floor Graphics

Perhaps you picture the floor graphic for the CIA when you think of floor graphics. While that can be intimidating if entering CIA headquarters, it should be inviting when being used in a business. The good news is that it doesn’t cost you a lot to have it done, yet can work as a great promotional tool while also working as a friendly greeting. 

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Businesses that choose to use floor graphics sometimes place their logo there in full color. It’s one way you can expand the size of your logo so it’s readily visible as people enter your building. Regardless, try adding images there as well to convey something about your business. These can be very clever tools that are capable of garnering a few laughs. Experiment with that by showing a bucket of spilled paint if you sell paint, or perhaps a giant piece of half-eaten food if you own a grocery store.

Being funny in a floor graphic always works well and places your customer in a good mood.

And nobody said you can’t do window and floor graphics together. We can do those easily for you with a very affordable budget here at Gate City Signs. Don’t be afraid to show off your logo and products in places that catch attention. We can do the same with any signage you need both outside or inside.

Contact us to start the discussion on creative ideas so we can get them implemented into your store as soon as possible.

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