Why Wall Murals Are Replacing Wall Paint

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Why Wall Murals Are Replacing Wall Paint

Back in the day, businesses in Greensboro, NC used to decorate their walls with wallpaper. Then over time, we all realized that wall paint was a better option, so we tore all that wallpaper down. Now wall paint is starting to become obsolete and a more popular option – murals – are popping up in business locations all over. So why are wall murals replacing wall paint now?

One of the biggest reasons that murals are becoming more popular is because painting walls can literally take days to complete. This is because wall painting involves multiple coats, and then on top of that, you need to wait for each coat to dry in between painting.

In comparison, peel and stick wall murals are quick to install and apply to your walls right away. This is just one of the major benefits that put murals on top over wall paint and why businesses are moving into this direction for their interior (and sometimes exterior) design choices. But this isn’t the only benefit to murals over paint. Let’s explore some additional benefits in this post:


Wall Murals Work in Any Location

As mentioned above, businesses have more variety with murals than with wall paint to place them literally anywhere they want – even outside of their building! Peel and stick wall murals aren’t just meant to be showcased on your sales floor or your front lobby. They can be placed anywhere, such as to brighten up a conference room or completely revamp a dull and boring hallway. The sky is the limit for murals!


Give Your Business a Unique Look

When it comes to your business, there is no other business out there that offers the same personality, products, and services exactly as you do. This makes you unique! Shouldn’t your business interior be showcasing your uniqueness as well? 3D wall murals can make you stand out and be fully customized to match your brand and give your business that unique look, more than just a simple paint job can do.


Wall Murals Capture Attention

Here at Gate City Signs & Graphics, we know nothing conveys your business’ mission statement, values, history, attitudes, and beliefs more than a mural can. A peel and stick wall mural is a fantastic way of capturing a client’s attention to learn more about you. Murals are also an effective way to capture an employee’s attention and make them identify more with your business and foster a sense of pride in working for your business.


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