Why Use Food Truck Wraps in Greensboro NC?

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Why Use Food Truck Wraps in Greensboro NC?

These days, there are exciting things going on in Greensboro. Hungry diners are flocking to all of the food trucks in the area for the tasty treats they provide. Taco Truck El Azteca, Taquito Estrella Taqueria, and Bandito Burrito Truck are just some of our favorite offerings in the city. To get residents to show up, wait in line, and sometimes brave the elements to partake in their favorite vendors, there is no doubt that the food has to be of good quality and delicious.

But, what can new food truck owners do to entice consumers? A slow but tried and true method to advertise is word of mouth, but many small business owners do not have the capital to wait for that to build. Fortunately, there is now an affordable way to get attention and stand out from the competition: food truck wraps for Greensboro, NC.

24/7 Marketing

Food truck graphics are not like A-frame signs or banners that you put outside when you are open for business. Wherever your truck travels, a food truck wrap will advertise your eatery 24 hours a day, seven days a week for up to five years. Food truck graphics are creative and fun, a brilliant kind of mobile advertising, a wonderful way to promote and incorporate your branding and delicious dishes, and are recognizable with just a glance.

Once you have a wrap, it will become your signature look. Your clients will search for and recognize it from a distance. We can help if you do not have your branding or logo figured out yet and are just getting your business off the ground. Our graphic designers are skilled at creating food truck artwork that fits your vision for your enterprise.

Highlight Important Information with Your Wrap

You can let people know about your cuisine with Greensboro, NC food truck wraps. And, due to the nature of your business, you are constantly on the move. So, how can your biggest fans find out where you are going to be available next? Websites, Twitter accounts, and phone numbers are ideal for this purpose. But, none of these are useful if diners do not know about them. To let consumers know about your contact information, we can incorporate it into your wrap design.

If you are unsure about what you want or how to go about achieving the feel and appearance of your graphics, do not feel overwhelmed. We give you multiple alternatives to pick from after meeting with you to discuss your vision for the project. Working with you through every step of the process is not an additional cost.

For our wraps, Gate City Signs & Graphics only uses high quality vinyl made by the leading manufacturers, such as Avery Dennison, Oracal, and 3M. Our professional certified installers make sure your wrap is installed for maximum impact. You do not get this kind of service from the cheap online suppliers.

Are you ready to boost your food truck sales? Contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation and estimate.

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