Why Modular Displays Should Be Your First Choice For Trade Show Exhibits

Modular Displays Greensboro

Why Modular Displays Should Be Your First Choice For Trade Show Exhibits

Did you know that your trade show display will be the first thing that attracts customers to your booth? Sure, it’s great to provide your customers with literature about your business as well as some free swag like a business pen or coffee mug, but it’s your modular display that will get them hooked in the first place. By establishing a unique and powerful presence for your business at a trade show or an event, you can take advantage of a platform that allows you to meet potential new customers, reach out to your existing clients, and build a more established and reliable brand.

Ideal Modular Displays

If you are looking for a smart, versatile and sophisticated off-the-shelf exhibit with a custom appearance, then custom modular displays are the best option for your business! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit multiple size spaces and customizable to fit any need. An ideal modular display features top-quality trade show display graphics that are designed with state-of-the-art equipment and processes. They are an affordable custom solution for any trade show or event. In general, trade show displays last for a long time as they are made with high quality, portable and durable materials and can be stored and transported easily for the next venue.

Top 3 Benefits of Modular Displays

Flexibility –

Modular displays are a great choice for your business if you are attending multiple events or trade shows regularly. Their flexibility allows you to exhibit in different sized booths without making many modifications.  You can easily accommodate them from a 10×10 booth to a 20×20 booth as their structural blocks can be configured easily. Custom modular displays also cut down the advertising costs you can reuse them with some little tweaks thus eliminating the need for printing new graphics.

Customizable –

Custom modular displays consist of many elements like lighting, tabletops, frames, shelving and more which makes them highly customizable. You can include your brand’s logo, images, taglines and more to make it very specific for your target audience. This, in turn, allows more opportunities to grab the attention of the visitors passing by.

Durable & Portable –

Modular displays are made from lightweight durable materials such as aluminum, fiberglass or fabric panels made from polyester or nylon. The usage of these materials provides a solid structure to the panels and makes sure they last for a long time. Because they are made from lightweight materials, modular displays are highly portable and can be easily transported. 

At your next trade show or event in Greensboro, North Carolina, make sure your business stands apart from the competition with customized trade show display graphics and modular displays from Gate City Signs and Graphics!  We have the skills and expertise to create purposeful and functional trade show displays that are easy to set up, easy to take down, and easy to transport.  Contact us today to receive a free quote from one of our sign experts to see how we can suit your needs.

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