Why Graphics and Business Signs are the Most Practical Advertising Tools at Your Disposal

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Why Graphics and Business Signs are the Most Practical Advertising Tools at Your Disposal

Today, advertising can be divided into two categories: traditional and digital. Traditional advertising includes newspaper/television and community support (your company’s sponsorship of local charities/youth activities). Traditional advertising includes “hardcopy,” materials like business cards, flyers, and signage.

While  marketing your brand on your internet website is critical to your business, you can’t limit yourself to digital advertising when business signs are proven to be effective. Furthermore, with high-standard printer perth services to create quality business cards, flyers or multi-page booklets, your traditional marketing materials are sure to be noticed and stand out from the rest to the consumer. And the latest trend in advertising? Your vehicle! Wrapping your delivery/service vehicles provides mobile advertising throughout your metro area, every day! It’s a trend that is probably he­re to stay.

Here are even more reasons why graphics are a powerful form of advertising:


Signs deliver more advertising bang for fewer bucks. They offer little- to no-maintenance and are durable enough to last many years. If your signage – billboards, outdoor signs, lobby signs – don’t have the same marketability at their current location, you can move them! Signs are inexpensive enough that you can afford to customize them for seasonal events and special promotions, and even sports venues! And the value of your professionally designed graphics? Priceless!


Your logo and your brand reflect your company. The type of customer service you offer, your ethics, how long you’ve been in business; all of these qualities are reflected in your graphics. Signs are an extension of your business, and they can convey your seriousness or your sense of whimsy. Again, they are affordable enough that you can customize your business signs to fit your company’s events and promotions.


Visibility – The competition between visual and auditory advertising is ended; visual advertising won. Visual sign advertising has memory impact; auditory messages are designed to grab your attention and hold it for seconds. Business signs use colors and art to leave a lasting impression.

From Concept to Creation

Gate City Signs & Graphics can help you promote your company, product, and services – your brand – with the best graphics design based on your concept and message. Let’s arrange a no-obligation, onsite review to discuss which advertising tools are the best choice for your company. Call 336-617-8823 or contact us for more information!

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