Why Choose Partial Vehicle Wraps in Winston-Salem NC?

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Why Choose Partial Vehicle Wraps in Winston-Salem NC?

There are plenty of cars, trucks, and vans traveling the roads of Winston-Salem with attention grabbing wraps. Some of them are driven by your competitors. How can you possibly compete when you cannot afford full wraps for your fleet? The answer is simple: you may not need a full wrap. With the eye catching partial vehicle wraps Winston-Salem, NC business owners are utilizing, you can have nearly the same effect as a full wrap at a fraction of the price. Fortunately, Gate City Signs & Graphics is at the forefront of this vehicle graphics trend.

We Work with the Colors of Your Automobile

White work vans and trucks are the standard. However, if you happen to have a work vehicle that is an unusual color, you can incorporate this into your partial vehicle wrap design. For instance, electricians with black vans can highlight the yellows and reds of intricate circuitry against the dark background. Or, for an airport courtesy shuttle company, a sky blue van can be easily transformed using a partial wrap evocative of flight.

You Choose How “Partial” the Wrap Is

A partial wrap can cover as much as 75 percent of your car or as little as 25 percent. You can pick graphics that cover the hood and the rear of your van or just the doors. You are in control of how much vinyl is used. Vinyl is the main factor in the price you’ll pay, so we are able to work with any budget.

Get Creative

Creativity is a must if you can only afford a quarter wrap. For example, an auto parts delivery vehicle could have the front part wrapped to appear as if it does not have a hood. This creates a breathtaking design that brands and is memorable while keeping you in the quarter coverage ballpark. For these kinds of money-saving and creative partial vehicle wraps, Winston-Salem, NC entrepreneurs can work with our knowledgeable wrap experts.

Combine with Other Marketing Tools

Hood and door designs are not all that can be covered with partial wraps. If you want to involve your rear windows in your marketing campaign, vinyl window perf is indispensable. With holes that are large enough to see through from the inside, this vinyl product is fabricated to continue the graphics of the wrap. The bright colors attract attention from the outside while making the interior of the car far less visible. This is not necessarily the best option if you are going with a dark colored design, though. In this instance, lettering and decals are the preferred add-ons.

Talk to the friendly professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics when you need some inspiration to put together a cost effective marketing and branding tool. We take into account the make and model of your truck, work diligently to stay within your budget, and work with the artwork that you already have. We create a proof for you to look over after an initial consultation. Once you are happy, we print and install your new graphics.

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