Why Choose a Pro for Car Wraps in Winston-Salem NC?

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Why Choose a Pro for Car Wraps in Winston-Salem NC?

If you are like most shoppers these days, you turn to the Internet when you are considering buying something. Car wraps appear to be no exception. You can buy DIY vehicle wrap kits from shops all over the web. All you have to do is install the graphics yourself. This sounds like a piece of cake, right? Wrong! There are many reasons why you should go with professionals for your car wraps in Winston-Salem, NC.

The Quality Online Is Questionable

It does not take much to open up your own online sign shop. There are guys out there who have a printer set up in their garage, and they think they can provide you with car wraps. Only, you do not find out that they are using low-grade vinyl and inks until it is too late. We only use top-quality materials specifically designed for use on vehicles. Plus, you can check out some of our handiwork in person before you ever spend a dime.

You Need the Right Tools

At Gate City Signs & Graphics, there are specific tools we use that were designed to make installing wraps easier and more precise. You could go out and buy these tools, but it will cost you thousands of dollars: There goes that money you saved. We have spent a lot of money and time collecting the best rollers, squeegees, holders, blades, tapes, and other installation tools to make sure we complete your installation correctly the first time.

Expert Knowledge Is a Must

Your average professional sign company will be able to tell immediately if the vinyl film is laying correctly. Additionally, we can also tell right away if the film is laminated or not. We can then tell by scent if a print was laminated too fast and will cause increased aggression in the adhesive tac. We also know how the seams need to be lined up and positioned for the best finished appearance.

In addition, it takes an expert hand to disassemble the taillights and side mirrors, accurately trim the body panel seams, position the bumper section, wrap a door handle at the proper angle, correct alignment problems, and more. Even a task as simple as making sure truck lettering is lined up correctly requires someone with experience. Fortunately, we have that.

Why Does Experience Matter?

In order to be certified, a professional sign maker must spend thousands of hours honing their skills. They must install miles of perforated window vinyl, full wraps, partial wraps, spot graphics, vehicle lettering, and more. In fact, the squeegees and other tools become like extra appendages after using them hundreds of thousands of times. Certified installers have pushed, relaxed, pulled, and tightened unfathomable amounts of films. To get good at wrapping, it takes years of experience.

Lastly, good vinyl films come with a warranty that is only valid when the graphics are professionally installed. When your graphics last for up to five years or more, they save you money in the long run. You won’t get that from an online shop.

If you are interested in wrapping one vehicle or more, contact the friendly experts at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on car wraps in Winston-Salem.


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