What Types of Metal Plaques Can I Get in Greensboro NC?

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What Types of Metal Plaques Can I Get in Greensboro NC?

The two main varieties of metal plaques are cast and etched. The one that is best depends on your particular situation. The look you hope to project and the purpose for which you are using your plaque are the primary considerations when choosing the right types of metal plaques for Greensboro, NC. This blog post should give you a good idea of what is best for your organization.

Cast Metal Plaques

For more than six millennia, humans have been practicing the process of metal casting that is still widely used today. To make these plaques, you take a mold of clay or sand crafted to the desired shape and pour in molten aluminum or bronze. You then have a long lasting, single piece plaque that can be mounted and finished for any use once the metal solidifies.

Cast metal is used to create plaques, logos, and emblems when a business wants to project an image of architectural depth and permanence. This makes them perfect for professional offices, universities, and government buildings. Also, there are over a dozen finishes available for these plaques, including polished, painted, and oxidized. Plus, none of our plaques is manufactured with mercury or lead alloys. This is good for you and the environment.

For extra dimensionality and detail, we can add bas relief casting to commemorative plaques. As a matter of fact, we can produce a raised likeness of any image you submit to us. We create a clay mold based on the image then cast it to your plaque.

Etched Metal Plaques

When you need plaques made with precise detail, nothing beats the etching process. Even the most complex artwork can be transferred to bronze, stainless steel, brass, or copper through the use of chemical etching. People will be able to admire the graphic you pick for generations. Popular uses for etched plaques include

  • Raised Graphics – The background is painted when raised graphics or text are added so that these elements can stand out with the color of the metal alloy.
  • Photography – Halftone images are utilized to produce etched photos. Due to the visible dot patterns, they look like newspaper pictures. To contrast with the brushed metal finish, the dots are filled with black ink.
  • Recessed Graphics – The most common use for etched plaques is recessed graphics and text filled with paint.
  • Line Art – When we reproduce a black and white line drawing, you get a beautiful etched plaque that captures the fine lines with crisp detail.

What Are Metal Plaques Used for?

The following are popular uses for both cast and etched metal plaques in Greensboro, NC:

  • Commemoration – Do you have donors who have made large contributions to your nonprofit? Or, are there certain workers who have demonstrated exemplary service for decades? Recognize these extraordinary people with metal plaques.
  • Information – Plaques are the perfect way to share information about an area of particular historical importance or to show when a building was built.
  • Wayfinding Markers – Metal plaques are useful for helping guests on your property find their way around your museum, park, or office building.

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