What To Know About Window Graphics

window graphics

What To Know About Window Graphics

What To Know About Window Graphics

Your storefront should represent the quality of goods and services you offer. A simple and space saving way to build brand awareness while also promoting your business is through window graphics! Studies show that people will enter your business premises more often if they see enticing window signage. That’s why window graphics can make up the bulk of any successful marketing plan for retail stores, restaurants, and malls.

Window GraphicsWhat are Window Graphics?

Window graphics, window wraps, window decals, and vinyl graphics all refer to basically the same thing. They are window branding in different forms and sizes, such as stickers, posters, or printed vinyl. Storefront window graphics are an excellent way to promote your business, and they come in many different, customizable forms.

Popular Window Graphic Products

Window graphics are available in various forms and offer high visibility for high foot traffic areas. For instance, vinyl letters or decals can turn your window into an advertisement platform that shows off your brand in style. What better way to attract potential customers than by offering them something that grabs their interest and attention? With vinyl graphic options, you can make your business look professional, whether it’s a small boutique or a major corporation.

Moreover, you can cut vinyl letters into the type or font you desire, such as block lettering or scripts. They can serve a practical and daily purpose, like letting customers know about a new sale, your company address, or your hours of operation. Or they could be less practical and serve as attention grabbing art pieces!

Full Cover Window Graphics


Here are other types of window graphics that can promote your business and increase sales:

Window Perf

Window Perf is an adhesive-backed, perforated synthetic substrate with full color printing on one side. It is designed to let you put your printed message on a window visible from the outside but

 still be able to see out from the inside. You can use it on architectural glass and side or rear automotive windows.

You can transform your windows into attractive billboards with edge-to-edge window displays that wow and inform passersby. Even without outdoor signage, window graphics can help you deliver your story and promote brand awareness.

They will work exceptionally well when you target individuals who walk past your windows or car drivers cruising by. You can even use them to advertise street festivals or local events. When using window prints, consider installing them in an area with the widest impact possible, such as directly on the window facing pedestrian streets or sidewalks. 

Frosted Glass Privacy Film

Frosted Etched Window Film


Frosted etched window films are a great way to add privacy or decorative touches to windows, walls, doors, and other glass surfaces. You don’t even need to remove or replace your existing glass. The frosted window film is applied right on top of the existing glass and will look just like it’s part of the glass itself.

Window film can be contoured and weeded to create unique designs, patterns, and intricate lettering. As a result, they provide a perfect means to display your company’s brand mark or logo on glass doors and windows. Besides, the frosted window film has an elegant look, making it easier to match the look of your company’s logo with the branded vinyl.


Wrapping Up

Window Graphic Business Hours

Window graphics are a perfect way to get your message across. Whether it’s a frosted vinyl, privacy film, decorative window film, or perforated

 window film, it can grab eyes and hold them long enough to allow people to read what you’re all about!

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