What Lobby Signs Say About Your Business

What Lobby Signs Say About Your Business

Coordinating a comprehensive and effective branding and marketing strategy means business owners have many decisions to make. Unfortunately, the long list of options can sometimes result in missed opportunities that could prove very beneficial when it comes to building brand recognition and customer trust. Interior business signs, such as lobby signs, can amplify your marketing efforts and provide your audience with a better customer experience.

The lobby signs you choose have the potential to generate positive interest in your business and engage your audience. It may seem like an interior business sign can’t be that critical, but these types of signs go a long way in building credibility. In addition, when the interior of your business presents a cohesive and professional message, people take note of the pride you put into your image.

Why Professional Lobby Signs Matter

Investing in quality lobby signs that distinctively showcase your company name, logo and color scheme will allow customers to create a clear association between your company and the signs they see. When your lobby signs are poorly executed, you run the risk of sending customers the wrong message about your business.

When it comes to creating interior business signs, there are plenty of choices to consider such as design, shape, material, size, and color. If you want visitors to be impressed when they enter your facility, make note of the ideas listed below on how to use lobby signs to build your brand and your credibility.

Make A Bold Statement

Just because these signs will be installed in the lobby, doesn’t mean they have to be unimaginative or dull. Exceptional lobby signs should be visible the minute clients and customers enter your lobby space. A strong first impression will go a long way in making their experience memorable and instilling brand awareness. A well-made indoor business sign can elevate your image – especially when you choose to go with a unique design or creative implementation.

Share Your Business Story

An effective lobby sign can work well to educate people on product offerings, your service commitment, company history, milestones and awards. Be proud of what your business stands for! The right lobby signage can share your business story with everyone that comes through the door.

Be Consistent

Using something dynamic like an acrylic or glass lobby sign will ensure that what your visitors see first is professional, recognizable and supports the impression of a sophisticated brand image. Your lobby sign can be designed to align with other exterior and interior business signs you use. If you have more than one location, cohesive lobby signs can help ensure that customers always receive the same impression.

Demonstrate Your Value

Professional lobby signage tells customers that you’re working hard to develop a positive reputation in the community. Not only will investing in these signs make your space look better, but customers will feel more confident about doing business with you, which can produce the tangible benefit of increased sales.

Create Custom Lobby Signs With Gate City Signs and Graphics

Investing in the right indoor business signs and lobby signs can help you reach your business goals. Gate City Signs and Graphics can deliver high-quality, custom lobby signage that will elevate your brand and cement your business in the minds of your clients and customers. To find out more about how great lobby signs can positively impact your business success, contact us or give us a call at (336) 617-8832 to request a quote.

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