What Kind of Awnings Do You Need for Your Business?

What Kind of Awnings Do You Need for Your Business?

Have you ever considered placing an Awnings over the door of your business that displays your company logo or other image? Awnings may sometimes blend in so seamlessly on a business’s structure that some people just think they’re part of the building. And this is usually a good thing considering you want a natural feeling with your store signage so customers can easily notice it.

Custom Awnings simply give the front of your store or building a classy sense of style and help shape the basic aesthetic for the exterior of your business. In that regard, you can also avoid having a boring and flat entrance to your business by adding rounded edges.

Slanted Awnings

Here at Gate City Signs, we offer a combination of awning options, and the slanted awning is one of our most popular. One reason is because a slanted store sign can be read easier from a farther distance. That’s especially important when your business is away from a main road or you have a large parking lot where customers have to park a considerable distance.

slanted awning

Most of all, slanted awnings just look classy and also look more modern for a business that wants to give this impression. They’re typically used on technology stores with plenty of space to feature a business logo. With the high-quality printing on these awnings, your store logo will stand out from afar. Thanks to the above-mentioned added space, you can also let your logo have space around it so it doesn’t look cluttered. This helps on the readability factor when seen farther away.

Shed Awnings

These awnings are also very popular in our company, and they can provide direct protection from the elements when people stand directly under them. But they also provide an aesthetic element when you have singular door out front that otherwise would look overly plain without something overhead.

shed awning

One reason why businesses like shed awnings is because their shape lends the ability to place a store logo directly on the front edge. At the same time, the top angled area of the awning allows more space for a large image of a logo. These can be well-suited for businesses that want their sign to be seen straight on rather than at an angle, even though it’s essentially a hybrid of the two.

Marquee and Dome Awnings

These awnings look very classy on any building and provide a wonderful style when used with different colors. Any vivid primary color used on the awning can help your entrance stand out when seen from a distance. Plus, with marquee awnings, you can provide more protection under your business entrance during inclement weather.

Yes, if you happen to have a business that gets rain most of the year, a marquee awning might be more than appreciated by your customers. They also provide ample space to print your logo so people can’t miss who you are when walking along a street corner.

Likewise with dome awnings, these can liven up entryways that otherwise might look bland. The dome shape allows you to place your store logo or sign right along the front edge. You also have the domed space above to print other things. Regardless, you always want to be careful not to overload your awnings with too many images.

contact us here at Gate City Signs so we can help you find an awning that’s appropriate for the entrance to your business. With first impressions always mattering when people enter your doors, an awning is almost expected by customers as a sign of aesthetic professionalism.

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