What is the Difference Between Full Wraps, Partial Wraps, Fleet Wraps – and Which One do You Need?

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What is the Difference Between Full Wraps, Partial Wraps, Fleet Wraps – and Which One do You Need?

Vehicle graphics are dynamic, attention-grabbing graphics that can partially or completely cover your vehicle. Yes, you’ve been seeing them everywhere, because they are a very proactive, effective way to advertise. Digital imaging, including photography can be applied to the wraps. Your car or delivery van is like a rolling billboard!

They don’t necessarily advertise a product or service. Car owners prefer solid-color vehicle graphics wraps because there are more colors and styles available than with traditional auto paints. Justin Bieber put a chrome wrap on his $100,000 car, and not only does it scream, “Look at ME!” it may be illegal in some states because he added underbody LED lights to accent his chrome car wrap at night.truck wrap

Full Wraps

Vehicle wraps are not just a fad; it’s here to stay. The material is a vinyl that adheres to your car’s exterior and won’t bubble, wrinkle, or fold when professionally applied. A vehicle wrap lasts for several years and so makes a great investment. Full wraps are exactly that; your car is completely covered from one or more of a wide assortment of brushed metal, carbon fiber, high-gloss, or matte colors.

Partial Wraps

These vehicle graphics only cover approximately 25%-75% of your car. They’re more affordable, and if your art concept is creative, your end product will be just as effective as full-wrap advertising!

Fleet Wraps

When your delivery vans or service vehicles are wrapped with your customized graphics, your demographic – the people and area in which you target your product or service – begins to recognize and identify with your company. Your art becomes your brand, with 24/7 promotional, informative advertising on city and state roadways and streets.truck wrap

Professional Graphics for Your Car, Your Company!

Gate City Signs & Graphics has the experience to work with the materials (and to carefully remove and reinstall hardware) that can guarantee your auto body graphics are uniquely attractive. Call 336-617-8823 or contact us for more information. Visit us at 3702 Old Battleground Road in Greensboro, to see our work in the works!

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