What Are Twin Hinge Post and Panel Signs?

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What Are Twin Hinge Post and Panel Signs?

Are you looking for signage that will grab the eyes of motorists from far away? Do you need a distinguished way to help guests on your property find their way around? These are just a couple of the effective uses for twin hinge post and panel signs for Greensboro, NC. Thankfully, Gate City Signs & Graphics is one of the top suppliers of these signs. Today, you will learn about what they are and how they are used.

How Twin Hinge Post and Panel Markers Work

Wherever there is a need for strong identifying signage with easy to change inserts to display information and advertise events, twin hinge signs are ideal. Businesses, churches, and schools all use these markers to great effect. Just inside of the outer face panel, there is a unique aluminum hinge clip that allows a second sign face on both sides of the frame.

The interior signage face also hinges open to offer access to the lamps and electrical components of the sign. Additionally, the signs can be locked shut with a key. On the larger versions, there are support arms that keep the hinged frame open while you make copy changes.

Are you open after dark? Twin hinge post and panel signs for Greensboro, NC are illuminated so clients can find you at night. This produces a strong visual impact for informational, secondary and primary site identification, and directional purposes. There are also non-illuminated varieties if being seen after dark is not needed.

What Organizations Can Benefit from Twin Hinge Signs?

Twin hinge post and panel signs are popular among business owners throughout Greensboro. You can find them outside of

  • Specialty Boutiques – Swap meets, workshops, book clubs, and other special events are often hosted by secondhand stores, nurseries, cafes, and other specialty retailers. Post and panel markers are perfect for marketing these events.
  • Churches – Make finding the sanctuary, church offices, and the children’s Sunday school easier for congregants. This is especially crucial when you have a large campus with several halls, conference rooms, and office buildings. And, you can change the information on these markers whenever you want.
  • Entertainment Venues – If you run an amusement park, water park, or miniature golf course, twin hinge signs are excellent for use at central locations, near individual rides, or at the entrances of the park. Communicate calendar items, height restrictions, ride information, or point of sale information related to photos and park merchandise.
  • Healthcare Facilities – Outside of medical facilities, wayfinding is extremely important. Patients can find the building where their appointment is located when you use post and panel signs with arrows pointing the way.
  • Retailers – When you are not part of a larger retail complex, such as a strip mall, you need markers that will catch the eyes of motorists and passersby. Twin hinge signs can quickly communicate changing sales information, can be placed at angles for easy readability, and they display information on both sides of the panel.

If you are interested in learning more about specific ways twin hinge post and panel signs can help your organization, contact Gate City Signs & Graphics for a free consultation.

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