What Are the Benefits of Advertising on Cars in Winston-Salem NC?

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on Cars in Winston-Salem NC?

In the United States, the typical motorist drives more than 13,000 miles per year on average. That works out to 36 miles per day that potential clients spend on the road where they could be exposed to your unique branding. Consumers no longer live, work, and play within a few blocks of their home. With the growth of the suburbs and with limitless roads, we have become more dependent on cars. This, along with breakthroughs in digital printing technology, has led to the rise of advertising on cars in Winston-Salem, NC. But, what makes this marketing medium so great?

Vehicle Graphics Make a Big Impression

It is estimated that mobile advertising can reach between 30,000 and 70,000 people on an average day, according to research by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. That is a lot of exposure! As a matter of fact, compared to local group mailers, billboards, mass transit advertising, direct mail, and radio, vehicle advertising reaches more people.

As if that is not enough, studies show that the consumers who see these vehicle graphics found them to be more memorable, more noticeable, and inspired them in their buying decisions more often than the more traditional advertising media.

Vehicle Wraps Are Affordable

The number of impressions that a campaign generates does not tell the whole story of how effective a particular form of advertising is. You can easily reach millions of people with a broad range of marketing methods, but with these, you will likely have a hefty bill to pay for your success. This would suggest that mobile advertising is quite expensive. It is not.

You can clearly see that vehicle graphics are more affordable than other advertising media when you compare the cost per thousand impressions (CPM). For vehicle wraps, the CPM is about 35 cents. Billboards are the next closest medium at $3.56. And, with a television ad, you can expect to pay $23.70 for every thousand people you reach.

Vinyl Graphics for Your Business Are Tax Deductible

First of all, when you put graphics on your work truck, it does not magically make the entire vehicle a tax write off. This was struck down by the courts a few years ago. However, you can deduct any expenses that go into placing the said advertisement. So, if you want to have your truck wrapped, place a cool decal in your rear window, or have a vinyl ad installed on your car, you can factor in a tax deduction into the cost of getting it done. Just be sure to save your receipt for when the IRS comes calling!

Local and small businesses with tight marketing budgets are the main beneficiaries of vehicle graphics for Winston-Salem, NC. With a small initial investment, you can purchase decals, magnets, wraps, stickers, vinyl window perf, or other vehicle vinyl graphics that will encourage prospective clients to come to you when they need your services.

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