What Are Dimensional Letters and how do they Impact my Business

Dimensional letters

What Are Dimensional Letters and how do they Impact my Business

As a society, we are confronted with so many signs and advertisements daily. With people in a rush to get to the places that they need to be there just isn’t enough time to read and absorb all the information being shared. When we aren’t looking for a specific business to visit, every business sign can look very similar. That’s where Dimensional Letters can help.

Dimensional letters are 3D letter signs that add a detail of intensity to a flat signal’s top and width. They are preferred by business owners not only for their visual appeal but also for their durability. Best of all, while dimensional lettering is not lit by default, these raised letter signs can be customized with lights to suit your preference. All you have to do is speak with your sign manufacturer and discuss your needs.

The Right Materials for Greater Impact

Regardless of your budget or the type of industry you’re in, there is dimensional letters signage that’s right for your business. The secret to creating impact is choosing the right materials, colors, and finish so you come up with a sign that matches your brand.


Metal is one of the most widely used materials for both indoor and outdoor dimensional lettering. Bronze lettering, for instance, is commonly seen in academic institutions, accounting offices, and law firms. This is because bronze has that timeless, professional appeal that personifies quality and competence. Stainless steel and aluminum, on the other hand, exude a modern look that captivates the eyes of most consumers. This material is a favorite among retail stores in malls, commercial complexes, and apartment buildings.


Acrylic is another outstanding option for business owners who want multi-colored signs and want stunning results. This material is so versatile that it can be cut and shaped into any logo or lettering of your choice. Acrylic can also be infused with different colors to better bring out your message. While acrylic and plastic letters can be used outdoors, they are typically used as indoor dimensional lettering and are often used as lobby and door signs.

Outdoor Dimensional Letter Signage

Outdoor dimensional lettering requires special care and attention during manufacturing. Special materials that can withstand the elements have to be used and signs must be made weatherproof. Of course, there’s the matter of installation too.

Similarly, your indoor dimensional lettering and other signs must complement your exterior signage and work in tandem to drive sales. Don’t forget, where you place them will also affect how well they perform.

Contact the Finest Sign Company in Greensboro

Investing in raised letter signs is one of the most important decisions any entrepreneur can make. However, not every sign manufacturer has the same capability, knowledge and skill when it comes to designing and building dimensional signs.

When it comes to long-lasting and professional-looking signage, businesses in North Carolina trust only Gate City Signs & Graphics. We work to ensure that every single product is manufactured to your specifications. Not only do we use the highest quality materials, but we also pride ourselves for the highest levels of craftsmanship.

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