What About Dimensional Lettering in Your Lobby or Office?

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What About Dimensional Lettering in Your Lobby or Office?

Whether you’re decorating your office or designing a look for an entire suite of offices, lobby signs are important on so many levels! Today’s technology has taken some exciting turns, but the fact remains, “Lobby signs take up where the GPS leaves off.” Helping people understand instructions, directions, and make the connection that this space – the lobby or waiting room – is for your clients and customers, and reinforces their sense of belonging.

Dimensional lettering for your signage is trending. You can make a lobby pop using dimensional lettering that utilizes your central design theme and color choices. As with many interior décor ideas, you can tell the difference between DIY (do-it-yourself) lobby sign and professionally designed and created dimensional lettering for offices or lobbies. Professionally applied graphics can make the difference between a boring lobby or an engaging, visual precursor to your professional products or services.

Some Options for Your Lobby Signs

As an idea, you may be thinking that fabric-wrapped panels as your primary lobby sign may be over-the-top, but you’re wrong! Some fabric-wrapped panels’ materials serve as padded buffers to minimize street sounds or to separate (partition) lobbies. The materials can be beautiful and durable suede-like fabrics that appear quietly sophisticated in addition to being functional.

If you wanted to go with dimensional lettering, you have plenty of options here, too. You can choose letters and logos directly mounted to your walls. Typically, materials that make up dimensional letters include PVC, acrylics, and can be polished off with a metal finish or what is known as a halo effect. You are limited only by your imagination!

It’s Time to Talk

Now is not too soon to begin putting your project to paper! Gate City Signs & Graphics professionals work closely with this area’s interior designers and architects, but if you’re on a budget, we can work directly with you! Call 336-617-8823 or to contact us, and let’s schedule a free walk-through of your office or lobby space.

We’ll discuss what you need and what options are available for you that will enhance the form and function of your workplace. We’ll review your turnaround time and budget, and if we need to work with your architects or contractors, we will consult with them so that everything you want on this project flows together seamlessly!

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