Effective Ways to Use Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Effective Ways to Use Window Graphics

How to Grace Your Business Space with Window Graphics

If you want to capture the attention of potential shoppers, customers, and business partners, there are many effective ways to use window graphics. The more places you use your logo, the more impressions you’ll get. You want to make sure that everyone passing by your business takes notice of your business name, logo, sale or service.

An impression today could mean a sale tomorrow. Yes, everyone won’t be flooding in. But when someone does need your service or product, they’ll most likely remember your business first. A catchy and creative window graphic display is an investment in your current as well as future business.

A Smart Use of Your Advertising Dollars

Custom door and window graphics as well as privacy window films offer a great return on your investment (ROI). If your business is in an area that limits sign footage, the good news is that glass window and door signage don’t count toward that square footage.

Vibrant window graphics can be installed on your windows at any location.
• Retail stores
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Cafes
• Offices
• Corporate headquarters
• Boutique
• Gym/fitness facility
• Schools
• Dry cleaners
• Hair/nail salons
• Commercial buildings
• Government buildings
• Service providers
• Laundromats
• Banks
• And more!

Window graphics are an effective and affordable way to promote your business, service, products, logo, phone number or branding message. Whether you are looking for temporary (easy application and peel-away) signage for a sale or event of if you’d like more long-term window graphics, Gate City Signs and Graphics is your marketing partner. We can design and install glass door and window graphics that broadcast your message. And when it’s time to remove or replace your window graphics, we can take care of that as well.

ways to use window graphics
More Ways to Use Graphics for Your Business

Looking for creative places to use graphics in your business? Here are some tips that have worked well for our clients.
• Place a branding message beside your door handle. It won’t be missed!
• Oversized window graphics visible to drivers and pedestrians will draw street traffic into your location.
• Perforated vinyl graphics provide an excellent visual outside your location, while still allowing those inside to see out. (Light is not completely blocked, and you may even save on your utility bill.)
• Design a reverse cut-out of your logo, name or branding message from a graphic or window film.

How to Use Etched Windows or Privacy Film

Does your business or corporate office have a glass-enclosed conference room or hallway? Would your restaurant patrons enjoy a little privacy from those passing by in a hallway or city sidewalk?

It’s easy to add a glass privacy film to create a screen for those seated, meeting or working as well as for those who are passing by. And the good news is that you won’t have to cover the entire window. Simply, target the visual space from slightly below seated height to slightly above standing height. Your employees, staff, visitors, and patrons will thank you!

Call Gate City Signs and Graphics to schedule your consultation. We’ll be happy to introduce you to the variety of window graphic options available to your business.
• Frosted window films
• Etched glass films
• Die-cut graphics
• Perforated vinyl graphics
• Oversized window graphics
• And more!

Transform Any Window into Attractive Advertising Space.
Gate City Signs & Graphics will help you find great ways to use window graphics!

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