7 Ways to Give Your Business a New Look

ways to give your business a new look

7 Ways to Give Your Business a New Look

Looking for ways to give your business a new look?
Have you been staring at the same décor for a while?
Is your business looking a little faded and tired?
Does your store or office need a facelift?

Whether it’s a new year or you’re rebranding, or you just need to refresh your look, adding signage and doing a few other things to “clean house” are great ways to infuse life into your surroundings. Let’s look at seven ways to give your business a new look today!

Wall Graphics Instead of Paint

Sure, you can give your walls a fresh coat of paint or even a new color altogether. But why not use that same space to add life to your business? Wall graphics enable you to add personality, branding, and vibrance to your work space. Up the energy with your business message and culture. Plus, no chipping, peeling or fading!

Fresh Signage

Have you printed temporary signs from your computer that have now become permanent? You would probably make a better impression on your customers with professionally designed signs. And if you’ve got old, fading, drooping or sagging signage, then it’s time to tear them down and call in the pros for a sign makeover.

Show Off Your Clients

Imagine your entryway filled with a display of your client logos or a hallway lined with your best work! Gate City Signs and Graphics can help create an attractive display that gives a nod to your favorite clients and promotes all of your fun projects. Think modern! Think fun! Think impressive!

Brand Your Space

Look up, look down, look all around. What spaces in your business are opportunities in the making? Chances are, you haven’t taken advantage of every place to add your colors, branding, message, culture, mission, and company personality. These are the factors that create loyal brand customers. Call us in, and we’ll help evaluate your space for every missed opportunity.

More Ways to Give Your Business a New Look


Have you been meaning to take care of a few repairs? Do you need to rehab a portion of your space? These little issues can compound if you let them go. One at a time, they will start to impede on the aesthetic of your store or office. Get those items checked off your list and you, your staff, and your customers/visitors will love the change.

Wash Your Windows

Wash your windows both inside and out. Your customers notice those cobwebs, and fingerprints and other marks build up over time. Give everyone a fresh outlook—and your customers a clear view into your office, store or facility—through clean windows.

Invest in Your Staff

You can add style to your space through the use of textiles for comfort, mirrors for a bigger look, and ergonomically designed office furniture for healthier employees. Think about upgrading your look to provide a brighter, healthier, happier environment for your employees. Invest in your staff, and your customers will be sure to benefit!

Love These Ways to Give Your Business a New Look?
Gate City Signs & Graphics can help create an Environmental Branding package for You!

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