Vinyl Decals & Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps and their Manifold Uses

Wall wraps, also known as wall murals or wall graphics, are images printed on vinyl and installed on walls to mimic earlier generation murals. Unlike old-fashioned hand-painted murals, today’s’ wall wrap can be easily put in at a fraction of a cost, without having to wait for days for the paint to dry. Besides the aesthetic value it creates, a wall can be used as a powerful advertising tool for your business.

Wall Wraps and their Applications In Greensboro, NC

The good thing about a wall wrap is that it can be applied on just about any surface, making it really useful when you don’t have the time or budget to have a wall prepared for a new paint job. Below are some of the most common uses of it.

Liven Up a Room

Use custom wall wraps to breathe life into boring walls and stimulate the exchange of ideas in conference rooms, employee’s lounge, or co-working spaces. You can use any image, colors, or message to represent your company and everything you stand for.

Boost Sales

Got a new product or service coming up? It is a perfect way to introduce new products using enticing images that urge your customers to buy. This can be beautiful photos of people representing a particular demographic using your products or enjoying your services.

Share Information

Infographics printed on full wall decals are a perfect way to share information on a cause you support, promote an advocacy or market an idea. This type of vinyl wall decal is best placed in reception areas of offices or school lobbies.

Motivate Your Staff

Step-up your employees’ morale by displaying an inspirational message or your company’s motto in your office wall. Coming to place that stands for something and making us feel part of something big can significantly affect our productivity and desire to achieve.

Advantages of Using Wall Wraps

No more waiting for days for the painters to prep your wall and for the paint to dry. With custom wall wraps, you can have your wall transformed into magnificent pieces of art in a day or two. Moreover, you can use any image, size, colors or message as these materials are highly customizable.

They can be used in any room within the house, in reception areas, restaurants, retail outlets, daycare centers, and a lot more. They can even be used as outdoor marketing tools and placed on the exterior wall of your building.

Have Your Walls Designed by Experts

Without a doubt, wall wraps are one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate and spruce up your interiors. If you want to ensure high-quality vinyl decals and outstanding results then hire Gate City Signs & Graphics. Nowhere else in Greensboro, NC can you find another team of experts whose dedication to excellence and attention to detail is unparalleled. Whether you need a full-wall wrap or just graphics and letterings, our design experts are ready to listen to your needs and make sure you achieve exactly what you have in mind.

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