Wall Murals and Graphics for North Carolina State University

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Wall Murals and Graphics for North Carolina State University

With an enrollment of about 35,000 students, North Carolina State University is the largest university in the Carolinas. This public, coeducational, research university is a sea, space, and land grant institution and has historical strengths in textiles, engineering, design, life sciences, and agriculture. It is no wonder so many young adults from around the world continue to choose NC State for higher education since the school offers 106 bachelor’s degrees, 104 master’s degrees, and 61 doctoral degrees.

With the dozens of buildings on the more than 2,000 acres of the main campus, plenty of signage is a must. Fortunately, Gate City Signs & Graphics is your premier shop for wall murals and wall graphics for North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC

How Wall Graphics Are Used on Campus

Wall murals and graphics have long been a staple on college campuses across the country. However, lately, it has become easier and more affordable to add high-resolution graphics to the walls of your buildings. With the wide availability of top quality vinyl and cutting-edge large format printers, we can produce cost effective wall murals for a variety of purposes:

  • Wayfinding – When they are entering a college building for the first time, students are often filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety. You can help reduce any potential stress associated with finding the right classes by using wall graphics to guide the way.
  • Marking Departments – The NC State campus has many buildings with multiple departments and sub-departments located inside. A directory can be rendered using vinyl wall murals. Another popular choice is to have color-coded arrows or wall stripes that visitors can follow to the departments they need.
  • Team Support – As part of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), NC State has 24 varsity sports teams that are competitive at the national level. Nothing brings the students on campus together better than cheering for these teams. Wall murals incorporating the red and white school colors as well as the Wolfpack mascot will help ramp up the school spirit.
  • Cafeterias – The NC State campus has some massive cafeterias and dining halls that serve thousands of students and faculty every day. A great way to keep things running smoothly is with wall graphics that denote where different food items are available, including salads and beverages, as well as where diners should put their trays when they are done eating.
  • Residence Halls – The dorms can be confusing with many offices mixed in with rooms throughout a giant building. Wall murals can be used to reduce the confusion by clearly labeling room numbers and different amenities. They also work well for building school spirit along with pride in where the students live.

From Doak Field and Fountain Dining Hall to The Oval and JC Raulston Arboretum and every place in between, we love serving North Carolina State University. If you are in need of wall murals and wall graphics for schools in Raleigh, NC, please consider contacting the friendly experts at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

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