Wall Graphics as a Marketing Tool

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Wall Graphics as a Marketing Tool

Who are you? What are you selling? How are you different, better? If a picture is worth a thousand words, you have the ability to speak volumes with wall graphics! Trade show marketing can have the best possible ROI (return on investment) when you use your space – and yes, it’s a very limited space – to attract potential customers.

You want to be noticed in an arena filled with competitors who also want to be seen. Something in your wall graphics must make attendees stop, look, think, and approach. Most importantly, “something” in your graphics must make them remember your company.

If These Walls Could Talk

Author and trade show professional Eric Dyson says, “Educating people on a brand is one of the primary reasons for a trade show.” In addition to your product, exhibitors must be able to speak to their own, unique story. Your 10×10 or larger wall graphics should convey who you are and what you represent; your brand. Your trade show salespeople are your brand’s evangelists, especially if your particular trade only meets a couple of times per year like the Furniture Market in High Point.

Wall Graphics and What They Can ‘Say’

Well-designed photography, artwork, or a mixture of both can tell your story and display your values better than spoken words. Your wall graphics should . . .

Be Emotional

Convey a good feeling; comfort, warmth, happiness, relief. Showing human images often boosts a wall graphic’s drawing power. Using a well-known local celebrity adds validation: When they choose your product/service, they’re making the right choice.

Be Identifiable

If you don’t have a mascot, consider one. Your mascot’s image will remain in their heads long after your words are forgotten. And people make the connection quickly, later, when they need you.

Offer Solutions

Customers go to a trade show, like the bi-annual Furniture Market at High Point coming up in April, to learn more and to have their questions answered by knowledgeable professionals. Your beautiful graphics should convey that you care about solving their problems, but if your sales team can’t reinforce that, you’ll likely lose some attendees’ business.

Have Art, Will Travel

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