Wall Graphics and Wall Murals and Their Best Uses!

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Wall Graphics and Wall Murals and Their Best Uses!

At Gate City Signs & Graphics we frequently get calls from companies who want to change the look of their interior décor with wall murals for Greensboro, NC. These days, wall graphics are replacing the tired old wall décor of yesteryear in many local businesses. But, what are the best uses for this signage option? We’re glad you asked:

Informational Signs

Does your building have an evacuation plan? From where do you get your products? If you run a restaurant, how fresh are your ingredients? Also, do you have a rich company history? Murals and graphics can demonstrate your answers to all of these questions. You can highlight:

  • Corporate History – If you have a narrow corridor, a timeline graphic can take up the length of the wall. In a conference room, this also serves as an excellent backdrop. Impress clients with your business’s growth while remembering its humble beginnings.
  • Educational Data – Depending on your industry, ingredient sourcing and product manufacturing can be important. With wall graphics in your lobby, you can show off the process of making your products.
  • Emergency Exit Routes – We can install these graphics next to a stairwell, exit door, and an elevator. This will be easy for all visitors to read as part of your office’s wall setup.

Changing Your Environment

You can close your doors at the end of the day as a nondescript coffee shop. And, the next day, you can throw them open as a fancy Parisian café. With nothing more than a wall mural, you achieve this dramatic change. We can incorporate all of the typical design elements of a Parisian café or any atmosphere you are hoping to project. For enhancing the dining experience, more and more eateries are turning to wall murals.

Directional/Wayfinding Markers

Point customers, visitors, and clients in the right direction. Show where your bathrooms are with a standalone wall graphic or make it part of a mural. The easily recognizable universal symbols for men’s or women’s restrooms can be included in this graphic. These are also a great choice for pillars in a warehouse style commercial setting.

Other wayfinding alternatives include wall stripes that literally lead the way along with wall arrows pointing to the cafeteria or lobby or any other area. Schools often like to use more elaborate graphics that depict a pole with signpost arrows pointing the direction to different amenities and rooms. These graphics can be any color you like and always look great on the wall.

Why Are Vinyl Wall Murals Becoming so Popular?

The wall graphics for Greensboro, NC that clients order from us are simple to maintain and clean in addition to being attractive, endlessly customizable, and affordable. They are perfect for busy retail spaces and restaurants, since they are treated to withstand soiling. A quick wipe down with a moist cloth is all it takes to clean them up.

Are wall graphics and murals just what your business needs? If so, contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation and quote!

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