Vinyl Window Wraps for Pizza Shops in Greensboro NC!

Vinyl Window Wraps for Pizza Shops in Greensboro NC!

Pizza shops are always trying to drum up interest in their new items and to attract attention to their enterprise. One sure fire way to build brand recognition and catch the eyes of hungry foodies is with unique signage steeped in pure creativity. And, one of the top signage options is vinyl window wraps for pizza shops in Greensboro, NC. Fortunately, Gate City Signs & Graphics is a premier supplier of these graphics for the Piedmont Triad. Let’s look at what window wraps are and what they can do.

What Are Window Wraps?

Window wraps typically consist of graphics printed on vinyl. Our graphic artists are skilled at making top quality designs that incorporate your branding, professional photographs of your signature pizzas, and any other high-resolution images or text you want. We use state of the art color matching software and digital printers to ensure we precisely capture your logo and company colors.

The graphics are printed directly onto the vinyl. We only source our vinyl films from the top manufacturers in the industry, such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal. And, the type of vinyl and adhesive we use depends on your vision for your project. Here are three of the main options:

Classic Permanent Vinyl Window Wraps – These wraps are ideal for when you want to display your branding on your windows for several years. The vinyl film has a permanent adhesive that will stay on for the long haul. Of course, when you no longer want the graphics up, we can safely remove them without damaging your window.

Static Window Cling – Cling films do not exactly rely on static to stay in position. Instead, they have a mild adhesive that allows for you to remove or reposition your graphics. Most static clings are not reusable, though. They are ideal for short-term marketing campaigns and seasonal displays.

Perforated Window Vinyl – Vinyl window perf consists of thousands of tiny holes. This serves three purposes: it allows you to see out through the vinyl, natural light can come in, and your marketing message is clear and easy to see on the outside.

In addition, wraps can be installed inside or outside of your windows. We recommend installing permanent wraps on the exterior for a more optically clear look. However, if you are in an area where vandalism is a problem, interior installation is preferable.

Uses for Window Wraps

Here are some of the top uses for vinyl window wraps for pizza shops in Greensboro, NC:

  • Introduce Your Products – Sure, we know you make the best pizzas around, but what else do you specialize in? Let consumers know about your soups, salads, pasta, and more.
  • Advertise Your Deals – Do you have special meal deals that tend to keep people coming through your doors? Don’t keep them a secret! Use window wraps to get the word out.
  • Generate Buzz – Are you still getting your new pizza parlor ready to open to the public? Let people know about your grand opening date while blocking the view in with window graphics.

Are you ready to take advantage of this marketing medium? If so, contact the friendly experts at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.


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