Vehicle Wraps Are a Great Business Investment

Full Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Are a Great Business Investment

When it comes to mobile advertising, vehicle wraps are quickly becoming one of the most affordable and effective tools available. Not only are they distinctive and quick to catch a viewer’s eye, they are very mobile allowing you to focus on multiple geographic markets. Further, the vehicle graphics works as long as it’s on a vehicle and kept in good shape. So for the few dollars spent on the job, the advertising can work 365 days a year wherever the vehicle is driven, even when the driver is off the clock.

The problem with traditional advertising is that it is stationary in most cases. Whether it’s a roadside billboard, a sign, a magazine ad, or a sidewalk A-sign, the advertisement doesn’t go where everybody traffics. The two exceptions tend to be bus advertisments and airplanes. However, buses usually have specific routes and airplane signs don’t work well if people don’t look up.

Vehicle wraps, however, can be entirely mobile. They are only limited in terms of where a vehicle can go. So that adds an extra value right away. For example, quite a large population of people take specific commute routes home. This group goes to the office, work all day, and then travel home on a specific interstate. They probably never see a billboard or ad placed around town. Yet with a vehicle wrap, a business can target these consumers right in their cars at commute hour. Especially when traffic is running a bit slower, they have no choice but to pay attention to a vehicle wrap. It’s the only thing to read when sitting in slow traffic.

Traditional outdoor advertisement suffers from the elements as well. Billboards age quickly being exposed to the sun and wind. Bus stop posters get vandalized. Street A-signs get moved around or obscured. None of these issues tend to happen with a vehicle wrap advertisement. Instead, the wrap is cared for because vehicles tend to be cared for.

Displaying the Right Message

However, just adhering a logo and lettering on a car doesn’t make a great vehicle advertisement. In fact, it can just look like a photograph or lettering stretched out on a car, which isn’t always the best appearance. A well-designed vehicle wrap works with the vehicle it is applied to, using the shape of the car to enhance the image rather than work against it. It also utilizes images and lettering that aren’t obscured or warped by the car’s shape. This allows a viewer to fully see and appreciate the wrap versus being offended by or considering
the result comical.

Working with a Greensboro Vehicle Wrap Company

Because we design vehicle wraps specific to the region, many Greensboro businesses work with us to design the best vehicle advertisement for their company. Working with the vehicle and photographs of it, the design work then focuses on putting together the right layout for the project. We can even help with logo design if needed. This key part is important because if people see the vehicle wrap and remember nothing else, they need to remember your brand. Often, that’s the one piece that helps a Greensboro business connect with a customer; they remember the brand name and look it up on an Internet search engine or the phonebook yellow pages later on.

So if you’re considering changing how you handle your advertising in the Greensboro area, consider vehicle wraps as a viable option. The inherent mobility allows your business to reach customers all over the area, and the cost can be paid for ten times over within a few weeks as customers start calling.

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