Vehicle Wraps: A Long-Term Investment for Long-Term Impressions

Vehicle Wraps in Greensboro

Vehicle Wraps: A Long-Term Investment for Long-Term Impressions

“Is my business big enough for me to get vehicle wraps? Will I even get any value from them?” Yes, don’t worry, those are the two most common questions we hear from business owners. Let’s take a step back.

People see vehicle wraps on vans and trucks, usually, and love how attention grabbing they are. Then they call us about getting a wrap for their own commercial vehicles. They love stickers but most business owners are in two mindsets about the ROI they can get from them.

We plan to break down the two major aspects that will let you determine if a wrap will deliver the value you want: effectiveness and utility. We’ll also talk about what a vehicle wrap costs but you’ll soon find out why you really need to speak to a wrap specialist and get a quote.

How Effective Are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are mobile billboards for your business. Day or night they promote your brand wherever your truck goes. Whether you are making a delivery out in the suburbs or in the heart of downtown Greensboro, you are promoting your brand and business without having to pay rent for the ads pace!

According to a 3M report, one single vinyl wrap can generate up to 16 million impressions in one year! Even if your car, van or truck doesn’t spend all its time on the road, you can still expect impressions in the range of millions per year. Some other encouraging statistics from the report:

  • 97% of people in the survey said they recalled the brand on the truck
  • 98% found the ad to create/reinforce a positive brand image

And the most amazing stat of all – 96% of respondents thought that fleet wraps are more impactful than billboards.

What Utility Do Vinyl Wraps Offer?

There are a number of promotional and practical benefits you can get from custom wraps. These include:

  • Increasing top of mind recall for your business
  • Putting your blank vehicle sides to use
  • Enabling you to change messages frequently
  • Showcasing professionalism and a statement of intent
  • Protecting vehicle’s paintjob from physical wear and tear
  • Providing durability guaranteeing your investment will last for years

Vehicle Wrap Cost

The cost of every wrap differs depending on the size of the vehicle, number of vehicles and complexity of design. Believe it or not, the condition of the vehicle can also affect cost, if installers have to clean the paint meticulously. Another important factor that affects vehicle wraps is the kind of wrap itself. Customers choose from complete and partial wraps, and individual lettering. Regardless, with the low cost of getting wraps and the exceptional advertising potential they have, vehicle wraps are a great investment your business.

Get Started on Your Wrap with Your Trusted Sign Partner

Call Gate City Signs and Graphics to get a quote for your wrapping needs. We work with businesses large and small to install wraps on fleets. Ours is one of the few full-service vehicle wrap studios in Greensboro. Our designers, printers and installers will work closely with you to make sure you get the wraps you envisioned. Speak to a representative to find out how much your vinyl vehicle wraps cost.