Using Signage to Rebrand Your Business

Using Signage to Rebrand Your Business

Window GraphicsYour business’s signage is a critical part of your marketing, advertising, and brand identity. There are multiple indoor and outdoor signs that you can use to rebrand your company, renew your marketing efforts, and maintain a consistent experience for your customers and employees. Rebranding with visually appealing interior and exterior signs can also help attract customers to visit your store for the first time.

From channel letters to 3D lettering and cabinet signs, the exterior lighting you choose will portray your business’s spirit. But you must remember that upgrading sign lighting systems is a delicate balance between cost, quality, and brand guidelines. Here are some ideas on how to enhance facility branding inside and outside:

Utilize 3D Signage for Facility Rebranding

Nothing catches the eye like three-dimensional signage, whether it is inside or outside the facility. Dimensional letters are not just for logos; you can use them anywhere you want to capture your customers’ attention and add visual appeal to your brand. You can also use these custom signs to showcase a recognition display or direct visitors to certain areas or attractions. Consider LED backlighting to bring your 3D custom signage to an even greater level. Dimensional signage works great on almost any wall surface within your facility.

Make Use of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs play a crucial role in directing visitors to different areas of your facility. Many people dislike the scenario of getting lost and looking confused within a business facility. These visual cues work great in expansive facilities, stores, airports, and many other business premises. Customized wayfinding signs typically create a system of signals, signs, and other visual cues to escort customers throughout your business efficiently and conveniently. You can even apply your corporate colors, logo, or typeface to your directional signs. With visually appealing wayfinding signs, you will enhance your branding and unify your indoor décor.

Look To The Wall with Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl wall graphics offer great visual appeal, cost-efficiency, quality, and versatility. With these benefits, vinyl is the go-to choice for most businesses of varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can leverage your windows and floors for facility rebranding using vinyl signs. Today’s vinyl signage options are extremely attractive and affordable. You can post your company logos, branding graphics, and even feature vision and mission statements.

Make Your Facility Standout with Acrylic Signage

You can draw interest to your logo, message, or accomplishment by using acrylic signage and pinning it on the wall with standoffs. Typically, standoff mounting hardware helps you create a three-dimensional display without using a frame. Besides, high-quality mounting options such as standoffs will give your installation a premium finish. You can secure any type of signage to your walls, doors, windows, etc., to achieve a dramatic, 3D effect that captures the attention of your customers.

Hang Banners for Facility Branding

Banners are excellent for promoting temporary events, but they also provide an attractive and long-lasting facility branding solution in interior and exterior signage applications. Besides, banners are cost-effective, durable, versatile, and completely customizable.

Bottom Line

Overall, your facility rebranding projects can take many forms, both inside and outside your business premises. And since several other factors will influence your signage decisions, it’s best to work with experienced sign experts. Whether it’s wall murals, window graphics, 3D lettering, or hanging banners, your business will stand out from the masses with interior and exterior signs. To learn more about the facility rebranding process from start to finish, be sure to give us a call. We offer tremendous facility branding solutions that will impact your company’s marketing and advertising efforts.

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