Using Banners, Displays and Posters for Holiday Business Parties & Events

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Using Banners, Displays and Posters for Holiday Business Parties & Events

‘Tis the season for several Greensboro businesses to start prepping for their corporate holiday parties. Many organizations like to plan big events to show their appreciation for their employees and customers during the year’s end and holiday season. You can give workers, partners, and clients a lasting impression of the power of your brand with the right signs for holiday business parties in Greensboro, NC. Holiday displays from Gate City Signs & Graphics will transform the local conference center, hotel, or your on-premises venue to put everyone in the mood for a celebration.

Why Do You Need Signage for Your Holiday Party or Event?

You have the opportunity to boost your branding at the location of your party with custom signage (check out for more details). Throughout your event, these markers keep your partners and customers focused on your message while building trust in your brand.

We provide holiday signage to fit a range of pricing points, even if your events budget is running thin at the end of the fiscal year. Our alternatives include table throws, removable vinyl graphics, and much more. Best of all, many of the markers we provide can be used again each year.

Custom signs let visitors know about your top-selling items, your services, and about your company history. Compelling imagery and text can accomplish these goals. You can create an environment of celebration of your enterprise’s success by using a selection of applications together. For instance, you can install graphics on your podium, use window graphics, designate outdoor areas using fabric feather flags, mount a banner behind your presentation area, and apply vinyl to mirrors and windows throughout the facility.

Types of Signage

We have already given you a taste of what solutions are available for your gathering, but here is more information on some of the most popular alternatives:

  • DisplaysPop-up displays are perfect for near the entrance to your party. You can have volunteers or members of your executive team there handing out goodies and nametags. Table top displays work great if attendees are sitting at tables waiting to be served food. Displays are the smart way to share information about your business.
  • Banners – Whether you use large hanging banners or retractable banners with vibrant, full-color graphics to invite employees and their families in, banners are indispensable at holiday parties. You can display your retractable banner in your lobby after the party is over or easily store it for next year.
  • PostersPosters are an inexpensive way to highlight major events from the last year. Did you have a product launch that was particularly successful? Did your company meet certain sales goals it had set out? All of these things, as well as your branding, can be depicted using affordable posters. We can even incorporate holiday themes into the designs of your posters.

These are just a few of the ways you can really make your holiday business party or annual event pop. If you are in need of banners and posters for holiday business parties in Greensboro, NC, contact us today for solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your organization.

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