Upgrading Your Lobby Signage – Things You Should Consider

Upgrading Your Lobby Signage – Things You Should Consider

Lobby graphics and signs typically display your business name or logo using materials like metals, acrylics, PVC, vinyl overlays, and others. What would you say if I were to suggest to you that you may want to consider backlit displays or 3D lettering as options, too? Trends say that more businesses are going in those directions, so to stay current, here are some upgrade suggestions as to what you can consider when you are selecting your lobby graphics designs.

Illuminate Your Mind with Signs!

Picture an illuminated sign in a business lobby from the likes of SNA Displays that use LEDs effectively. Doesn’t it grab your attention? Signs that are backlit can often impress your clientele as well as potential employees. A well-designed lobby and proper graphics should not be dismissed. If you can make a positive impression with your sleek, backlit signage and contemporary lobby, you will have people coming back and back again for your services. Making this kind of impression benefits your business much more than competitors that choose not to move in this direction.

You Don’t Need Glasses for These!

Seeing things in 3D is not just something that happens in the movies. 3D lettering, also known as dimensional lettering, is another fantastic option to make a statement with your lobby graphics. Dimensional lettering adds class and sophistication to any lobby design. Letters done in a classic metallic finish offer a sense of professionalism not found with other graphics. If you desire whimsy in a sign for a place like an ice cream parlor, the acrylics are just the ticket to make your sign pop!

Like Banging Two Coconuts Together!

If you’ve seen Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail, you understand that two coconuts being clapped together make the perfect horse-like sound. Putting backlit signs together with dimensional lettering is another perfect combination for your lobby graphics solution that you don’t want to miss out on. Lighting behind a dimensional sign creates what is known as the halo effect. This type of lighting is chic and can be adjusted depending on how bright you want your lighting to be by using different sizes in LED lights.

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