Types of Printed Awnings for Your Greensboro Buildings

Types of Printed Awnings for Your Greensboro Buildings

One great investment into your business that few people think of are awnings. Once you are armed with knowledge about your alternatives, you will be able to make the smartest decision about your printed awnings. Greensboro property managers should begin the process by determining why they want an awning. Some common goals are to:

  • Increase business marketing and visibility
  • Enhance the exterior look of your venue
  • Increase usability of outdoor space
  • Supply weather protection for building visitors or patrons

A good start is knowing what you hope to accomplish. This may include any or all of the above points. Based on this information, we can make personalized recommendations on the best types of printed awnings for Greensboro property managers. Some of our most requested options are

Shed Awnings

shed awning

When people stand directly under shed awnings, they get direct protection from the elements. In addition, they offer an aesthetic touch when you just have a one door entrance that would otherwise look quite plain without an attractive awning.

One of the reasons why shed awnings are a favorite among businesses is that it is easy to put a store logo directly on the front edge due to their shape. And, the top angled area of the awning offers even more space for an even larger logo.

Dome and Marquee Awnings

Any enterprise can achieve a classy appearance when they utilize these awnings. Plus, they are available in a variety of colors. When seen from a distance, your entrance will stand out thanks to the vivid colors we use. In addition, during inclement weather conditions, you can offer more protection around your building entrance with marquee awnings.

Slanted Awnings

Slanted awnings are one of our most popular printed awning options because they are easy to read from far away. This is a particularly important feature when you have a big parking lot that requires clients to park a long ways away or if your entrance is away from a main road.

Slanted awnings are also ideal for achieving an elegant, contemporary look. You can often find them being used by high tech companies. Your store logo will stand out with the vibrant, cutting edge printing on these awnings. And, since this option offers a large printing area, we can leave space around your logo to make it easier to see.

We Provide Solutions for Every Enterprise

When searching for a sign shop to fabricate your printed awnings, you will want to be sure to pick a company that can give you experienced, sound advice about awning design and has a well established, top notch reputation. A good shop will provide a team of friendly professionals to help you through the entire process from design to installation and maintenance. They should also have state of the art manufacturing and graphics capabilities.

If you are in the Greensboro area, you are in luck! Gate City Signs & Graphics has all of the above features. We are the experts when it comes to awnings. If you are ready to take advantage of all that awnings have to offer your business, contact us today for a free consultation and quote!

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