Types of Decorative Post and Panel Signs

Types of Decorative Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are a popular option for businesses that want to establish prominent commercial signage. They are designed to have a big impact, get your name in front of as many eyes as possible, and to be streamlined. Fortunately, Gate City Signs & Graphics is one of the top suppliers of decorative post and panel signs for Greensboro, NC.

What Are Post and Panel Signs Exactly?

From basic setups for short term usage on job sites to decorative solutions that serve ornamental purposes, there are several different types of post and panel markers. When you contact us, we will guide you in your decision-making by breaking down the post and panel signage alternatives.

Post and panel signs essentially consist of a flat panel mounted between two poles. These signs are considered a type of monument sign and are freestanding. One of your main consideration when picking a post and panel marker will be the materials that are used. We usually use PVC, high-density urethane (HDU), wood, wrought iron, or aluminum.

Whether you operate a large commercial office park, luxury vacation resort, or local park, these are the main materials for all varieties of properties. Each material has special qualities. For example, PVC and HDU can stand up to all sorts of harsh weather. Wrought iron and wood are great alternatives if you are going for timeless elegance. As you choose materials, your decision should be guided by the desired visual effect you hope to achieve and basic functionality.

Post and Panel Options

There are several variations on the general post and panel theme. For instance, there are panels that can slide out easily and be replaced with other panels. This is the ideal choice if you run an office complex where tenants are constantly moving in and out. Post and panel signs can be single or double sided.

There are also several ways you can enhance your markers. You can create a visual impact by utilizing post finials, T-straps, iron scrolls, base caps, decorative sign headers, and other supplemental accessories. When you give your post and panel signage an artistic flair, it will inspire passersby to learn more about your location, brand, or message.

Clients often request decorative post caps. These are made of extruded aluminum and serve an array of purposes. With a ball post cap, acorn post cap, or peaked post cap, you not only add a distinguished look to your marker, but you make it difficult for birds to hang out on your posts and “do their business.”

Gate City Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company. As such, we will take care of every step of the post and panel sign-making process from design and permitting to fabrication and installation. After meeting with you for an initial consultation, our graphic artists create a design for you. We then manufacture your new sign using high-quality materials. Lastly, we work with your schedule to install your new sign.

If you are in need of post and panel signs for Greensboro, NC, contact our friendly experts today for a free estimate!

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