Top Uses for Vinyl Lettering in Winston-Salem NC

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Top Uses for Vinyl Lettering in Winston-Salem NC

Vinyl lettering is one of the most cost-effective signage solutions in the industry. This is because most of the time you already own the sign substrate, whether it is your walls, windows, doors, or even your car. We just put the vinyl lettering directly onto these surfaces. This affords you an array of unique ways to use vinyl lettering in Winston-Salem, NC. We have put together this article on vinyl adhesive letters to help you learn about this sign option.


Window graphics

If your organization has huge storefront windows, you may want to keep this area free of clutter to allow employees to see out. On the other hand, your windows provide you with an excellent opportunity to display your branding. You can pick from a wide selection of lettering styles, such as reflective, metallic, matte, or neon letters. We are certain that we have a type of vinyl letter that is ideal for your brand.

You can use window lettering to spell out the details of your sales if you run a retail shop with regular promotions. You can pick from the dozens of standard letters we offer, or we can design custom lettering of any color, typeface, or size.


Bare walls do nothing to help drive sales and motivate employees. One popular use for wall lettering is to show consumers where different products are located within your retail establishment. Within a professional office atmosphere, you might use wall lettering to showcase your mission statement and core values.

In your break rooms or cafeteria, you can inspire workers with quotes from the great thinkers of the world. Schools and churches often use wall lettering for wayfinding purposes. You might list the departments or suites within your building on a focal wall in your lobby and add other directional cues along the way. Vinyl lettering is an affordable way to announce room names or numbers.


The most budget-friendly method for promoting your business when you have work trucks on the roads of the Piedmont Triad is with vehicle lettering. Let’s make a conservative estimate and say that your lettering will last you for three years. It will likely last longer than that, but we are being conservative. If you spend $500 to put your contact info, logo, and company name on the back and sides of your van, it will cost you an average of 50 cents per day to reach thousands of people. You cannot get this reach with any other form of advertising.

Fleet lettering is also used to advertise what your business does on the back of your company cars. This way, when motorists are behind you in traffic, they can’t help but be exposed to your products and services.

This is just the beginning. We didn’t even have a chance to get into how you can use lettering on your doors and floors. Contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation if you would like to learn more about how to utilize vinyl lettering in Winston-Salem, NC.

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