Top 5 Vital Elements of Designing Interior Wall Graphics

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Top 5 Vital Elements of Designing Interior Wall Graphics

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

-Steve Jobs

Graphic design is used to enhance interior décor in homes and offices. Interior wall graphics, wall murals, and wall wraps are trending big right now, and with good reason: Wall graphic design today goes beyond hanging a picture to creating a picture.

There’s no doubt about the importance of interior graphics walls in residential and commercial decorating. Whether you’re adding a touch of magic to a child’s room or reinforcing your brand in your lobby, the same vital interior design elements apply.

  1. Balance – Symmetrical balance (the same objects in the same positions, “mirroring” each other) was the décor norm, but an asymmetrical balance is what is used more frequently today. This takes away that “staged” appearance and appears more fluid.
  2. Color – Use color in wall murals or wraps to unify spaces. Your commercial property can feature a variety of complementary colors that will work with any logo. The same is true of your home. You may have just two colors for your decorating scheme, but you can use varying shades of those colors in every room.
  3. Details – If colors are the base for your graphic design, details hold everything together. Like glue, without it, your wall graphic design falls apart.
  4. Focal Point – “Interior design’s biggest enemy is boredom,” says Well-designed offices and lobbies always have a focal point that draws visitors’ attention and inspires them to look further. Your wall wrap or murals can feature a focal point that leaves a lasting impression with visitors and clients.
  5. Unity – The architecture of your building is design’s body. You’re going to use that body to complement your interior graphics, and the two must work together. If your building is a historical property, go with that but take it to another level; strengthen the original design. One of the most popular ways to do this at a commercial building is through adding glass doors, available at places like the INDUSTRIAL DOOR COMPANY, as it adds more light, looks professional and lets people see any interior graphic design from outside.

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