Top 5 Examples to Help You Understand The Importance of Graphic Aids

Top 5 Examples to Help You Understand The Importance of Graphic Aids

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”

– John D. Rockefeller

There are not many that would disagree with Rockefeller’s thoughts on business success. The same can even be said for advertising today. More and more often, business owners are looking for ways to better themselves and their business. Vehicle graphics can do just that!

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Extend Your Reach

High-quality graphics and vinyl wraps can generate millions of visual impressions in a single year. That number is astounding! In fact, according to the American Trucking Association, a single truck with a graphic advertisement generates upwards of 16 million visual impressions in only one year. Cover your fleet and imagine just how far you can extend your reach!

Brand Recognition

The more people that see your brand on your vehicle, the more people will recognize your brand. A professional graphic relays a level of sophistication that resonates with people when they see you or your brand. According to a study from the Media Buyers Guide, 97% of survey respondents remember the ad on the truck. On top of that, a whopping 98% felt that vehicle advertisements created a positive image for the business they were advertising.

Economical Means Using Money Smartly

Consider the fact that during the Super Bowl, ad space can cost more than $4.5 million for a meager 30 seconds! That kind of pricetag is nearly impossible for most businesses to be able to compete within their industry. Fleet graphics are unbelievably cost effective and according 3M, a fleet graphic costs approximately $24 per thousand visual impressions. 

Unexpected Business Opportunitywindow graphics

Imagine you could be simply pumping gas and generating business as people see you. Signs attract people that are in 
the market for your service or product, but they may not realize it until they see it on the side of your vehicle. Good vehicle signage prompts people to look and say, “hey, what’s that? Am I interested in that?” That’s what you want to capitalize on otherwise missed opportunities.

Business Cards That Never Stop

Consider the fact that billboards are stuck in a single place and are at the mercy of traffic flow in the area. A vehicle that is wrapped can cover far more ground than your traditional billboard and improves your conversion rate by reaching more of your preferred targeted demographic. Your vehicle is quite literally a moving business card.

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