Tips on How to Shop for Custom Signs in Greensboro NC

Tips on How to Shop for Custom Signs in Greensboro NC

Signage is important for any business, but shopping for new signs can be a pain in the butt. Do you go with an online supplier? If you go local, which sign shop is the best option? How do you even determine if the price they quoted you was good or not? At Gate City Signs & Graphics, we know how difficult it can be to find a quality sign shop, so we have put together this guide on how to shop for custom signs in Greensboro, NC.

Shopping for Signs

Before you even begin searching for custom signs, you must prepare. This involves a number of steps:

  • Get an .eps or .ai file format version of your logo
  • Determine a timeline for when you need your new sign completed
  • Figure out how much you are willing to spend
  • Have a good idea of what you have in mind for your sign
  • Talk to your landlord about their signage requirements
  • Think about what characteristics you want out of a sign maker
  • Include others who need to be included in the signage decision-making
  • Print or download pictures of signs that you like so you can show the signage graphic artist

How to Choose a Sign Shop

Once you have made all of the above preparations, you are ready to shop for a sign company. Sign shops that are close to you are preferable because it is easy for them to come to your location and perform a site survey, take pictures, and make measurements. Down the road, they will also be able to install your signs for you and perform routine maintenance or make repairs.

When they are checking out your venue, this is a great time to listen to their ideas and share you own, including your budget, timing, and who will be involved in the final sign off on the marker.

Finding a quality sign partner is important to a successful sign project. Ask plenty of questions, respond quickly with approvals and feedback, and give them time to get you their best proposal. Remember that you and the sign company have a shared goal of creating the best sign that works for your organization all day, every day.

The Design Process

Based on a number of factors, the sign maker will come up with a proof of what your finished marker will look like. They base their design off of what is possible on your walls or building, what you need for your enterprise, who your audience is, what the city and landlord will allow, and what your brand and logo look like.

Once you have proofs of what your sign will look like, look over them carefully. If anything does not make sense or if there are any changes you would like to see, be sure to say something! Before you sign off on anything, you should have a final proof in hand that is exactly what you want because this is what will be produced.

Now that you know how to shop for custom signs in Greensboro, NC, we hope you will consider contacting the friendly professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics. Call today for a free consultation!


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