Tips for Designing Indoor LED Signs That Really Work

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Tips for Designing Indoor LED Signs That Really Work

If there was ever a sign that could do it all, an LED sign might be it! LED signs are fantastically versatile and hugely customizable. In fact, one may say, for the price of one indoor custom LED sign, you get the utility of a thousand static signs. But not all LED light signs are the same.

Before we begin, let’s break down LED equipped signage into two basic types: (1) standard signs lit by LEDs; and (2) digital signs that are programmable and can display moving images.

Best Practices for Designing Any Type of Sign

A sign is a sign, whether it is digital or lighted by LEDs. For it to be effective, start by focusing on the basics of sign design.

  • Find a prominent location
  • Choose the right size
  • Ensure legibility
  • Avoid clutter in design
  • Don’t overcrowd it with graphics
  • Choose easily readable fonts
  • Colors should distinctive, not distracting
  • Ensure contrast between foreground and background

More than 2 out of 3 of media and telecom executives believe digital signs will be disruptors in the advertising space.

Tips for Designing Custom Indoor LED Signs

One of the biggest advantages of using LEDs is its inherent flexibility of design. Whether using LEDs just for lighting or using a digital panel, there is the option to change colors and vary brightness. Here are some tips for designing LED signs.

Choose neutral colors for the sign – Since lighting colors can be changed on-the-fly, opt for neutral colors for the rest of your sign. With changeable colors, you can ‘refresh’ your sign every day and create curiosity in potential customers. Choosing base colors like vibrant orange or green will limit the flexibility of the sign.

Recreate a classic – Love the look of neon but don’t want to bear the huge cost of running neon tube lighting? LED neon signs closely recreate the look of neon signs. They look the part but cost a fraction in energy bills to operate!

Moving images – Large format digital panels composed of LEDs are increasingly popular as they have reduced in cost to build, install and use. The software powering them is easy to use and business owners can have custom messages flashed on the sign when they want. Some great examples are ticker signs and video walls.

Social media hook-up–Social is here to stay and making signage interactive is a great way to engage potential clients and customers. Fortunately, LED signs can be highly interactive; yours can glow red or display a message every time some mentions your social media handle or branded hashtags.

Nearly half of shoppers say digital signs have influenced their buying decisions.

Designing Custom Indoor LED Signs That Generate Leads in Greensboro

Greensboro is a metropolitan area and audiences here are tech savvy. It is not good enough to design standard signs and add LEDs. You need a sign builder that knows how to leverage the full power of LEDs. Speak to a Gate City Signs & Graphics representative about your signage. We design, build and install custom LED-lit signs, digital display and large format video walls.

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