The Importance of Interior Graphic Signs – How to Choose What You Need

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The Importance of Interior Graphic Signs – How to Choose What You Need

Graphic signs make a statement. The design itself can convey a sense of humor, professionalism; seriousness or whimsy. Your signage is a way of letting potential clients know that you are committed to them and your company.

If black-and-white are your brand colors, that’s the way to go with your graphics; otherwise, the use of more than one color is desirable. Today, flash makes a splash with chrome, metallic, and all-around bling coloring for many companies’ signs. With so many choices, which colors – and which types of signs – are the right choice for you?

Types of Interior Signs

  • Lobby – The first interior sign your visitors see should be encouraging and inviting. It’s your way of welcoming and assuring them that they are making the best decision.
  • Directions (wayfinding) and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) – You’ll want wayfinding visuals (maps and directions) on the ground floor. Public restrooms should also be clearly marked and functional for physically challenged visitors.
  • Wall – Whether you choose a sophisticated 3-D with subtle backlight or a laugh-out-loud design, your only limitation for wall signage is your imagination.
  • Glass windows and doors – Privacy frosting or beautiful engraving/etching are the most popular choices for service professions.

Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Signs

Here are some basic rules-of-thumb to follow for graphics in your lobby or main office:

  • Handwritten signs – Chalkboard signs are great for restaurants; bad for accountants’ offices.
  • Keep them current – Nothing’s worse than a customer hearing, “Oh – yes . . . Those were our business hours, but we change them in winter . . .”
  • More is less – Your signs have more impact if you limit their quantity.

Gate City Signs and Graphics

Graphic signs’ design is critical! Your business – your brand – will depend on your logo’s design concepts and how you use it. Choosing the right type of business sign is important, and we can help. Gate City Signs & Graphics offers full-service, creative graphics and presentation pieces. Call 336-617-8823 or contact us for more information. Even better, visit us at 3701 Old Battleground Road in Greensboro!

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