The Forest Apartments Gains Attention with Directional and Monument Signs in Greensboro NC

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The Forest Apartments Gains Attention with Directional and Monument Signs in Greensboro NC

Rebranding is a tedious yet necessary part of owning a business that has been around for any significant amount of time. Over time, certain styles start to look horribly dated. When this happens, you need to update your brand or risk being considered out of touch with current trends and losing business. Part of rebranding is updating all of your signage with your new logo and colors. The Forest Apartments realized this, so they contacted Gate City Signs & Graphics for new signs for apartment complexes in Greensboro, NC.

About The Forest Apartments

Located on East Montcastle Drive along peaceful Woodlea Lake in Greensboro, The Forest is an apartment complex that focuses on providing families with spacious living in a beautiful setting. They are one of the city’s most attractive communities with a basketball court, landscaped grounds, and a large new playground. The complex is managed by Carlisle Residential Properties, which provides professional on-site staff.

When an organization that does such a good job of providing quality living conditions for local families and individuals came to us for directional and monument signs in Greensboro, NC, we were thrilled to be of assistance. Carlisle Residential Properties wanted to redo all of the signs on the grounds with the apartment’s new logo. Fortunately, they called the right sign company.

What We Did for The Forest

Our first step in helping with this rebranding project was to check out the apartment complex and meet with the client to find out what they had in mind. Based on their vision and the property, we came up with a number of recommendations featuring the new branding. Once they approved the art proofs we provided them with for each of the markers, we got down to work.

For the most part, we used post and panel signs for this project. The one exception was the sign for the leasing office, which we simply hung over the entrance. The posts for all of the signs are made out of wood, which we painted blue to match The Forest’s branding. Each panel is made of high-density urethane. We routed the panel to make the text and graphics stand out. We then painted each panel to precisely match the new logo.

In the end, The Forest was completely satisfied with the work we did. Now, they have attractive new markers that help people find their way around while introducing them to the client’s brand.

Let Us Help You with Your Rebranding Project

Whether your business has merged with another company, or you just need a change of pace, you can rely on Gate City Signs & Graphics to help you with rebranding signage for your apartment complex or any type of business. We will go through your property and make recommendations for which markers should be updated. We will then come up with solutions that salvage as much of the old materials as possible to save you money and help the environment.

If you are in need of signs for your rebranding project, contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation.

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