The Benefits of Architectural Window Film for your Business

Decorative Window Film

The Benefits of Architectural Window Film for your Business

An architectural window film is a sheet of sturdy polyester laminate treated in different ways to improve the aesthetics and performance of existing windows. Typically, one side of the window film has a scratch-resistant coating while the other contains an adhesive that effectively bonds the film to the surface of the glass.

Decorative window films are designed to control the penetration of solar energy into commercial room spaces, enhancing the insulating performance of your windows. Additionally, they provide endless decorative opportunities and substantially reduce the security and safety hazards often associated with fragile, easily splintered glass.

In terms of energy efficiency, a commercial window film helps to control the sun’s radiant energy, reduces the influx of heat, and enhances outward visibility by limiting the harsh glare from the sun. A commercial window tint nearly eliminates the damaging and dangerous effects of UV light on your skin, eyes, and interior furnishings.


Benefits of Architectural Window Film

Overall, business owners, facility managers, and architects can benefit from architectural window films in the following ways:

1- Saves Energy

Architectural window films help reduce the transmission of solar heat through the glass. You can achieve a total of 78 percent solar energy rejection depending on the material chosen. The less solar energy is penetrating your commercial building or office, the less your HVAC system runs, which can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Decorative window films also act as an extra layer of insulation, keeping you building warmer in winter and cooler in summer by preventing energy loss and stopping solar heat or cold air from getting in. This creates a more comfortable atmosphere while at the same time lowering the amount of energy needed to keep your commercial space comfortable.

2- Reduces Discoloration

With standard windows, up to 50 percent of solar radiation can come into your building, causing massive damage to furniture, flooring, and wall over time.

Architectural window films reduce the fading of furniture and other decorative accessories within your building by blocking up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays. The exact level of reduction of discoloration will depend on your specific type of film and your physical environment.

3- Reduces the Brightness of Solar Reflection

Decorative window films help reduce the brightness caused by solar reflections. This makes your interior environment much more comfortable and functional, allowing you to enjoy watching TV and computer screens with more comfort.

4- Enhances Appearance

Architectural window films are available in a wide range of colors and densities of light, ranging from nearly invisible to reflective colors that complement your building’s decor or theme.

Decorative window films also allow you to add a pop of color to your standard windows. You can opt for more creative designs that can mimic the appearance of etched or frosted glass and instantly transform the look of your business without being too overbearing or cluttered.

With decorative window films, you get all the benefits of etched glass windows at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to add the same effect to more windows without breaking your budget.

5- Resists Rips or Scratches

Quality architectural window films are made with a strong and scratch-resistant coating, which reduces the risk of damage from scratches associated with regular handling and maintenance.

6- Improves Safety and Privacy

Although regular solar film products are not considered “Defense and Security” accessories, once they remain affixed to the glass, window films can make the glass highly resistant to break. It’s because the seals retain fragments or splinters of broken glass in case of breaks from an accident or a storm.

Moreover, some commercial window tints improve visual privacy, which is an important aspect if you are located in a busy urban street where traffic can be distracting. Architectural window films can prevent passersby from snooping into your office, while also preventing your employees from being distracted by the happenings outside.

7- Enhances Brand Creativity

Bland windows often look dull on businesses. By adding a decorative window film, you can create a unique space that gets people interested. It can also add a more professional feel to your commercial space, and you can even get custom-made films that feature your business name or logo. With so many options, there is room to get creative as much as you want with your commercial windows.

As you can see, decorative window films can bring a lot of benefits to your business, and these are just a few of the most significant ones. If you’re interested in adding architectural window films to your business, reach out to us for window tinting and branding services. Our decorative window film not only enhances aesthetics but also improves energy efficiency and privacy.

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