Space Branding Creates an Emotional Connection

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Space Branding Creates an Emotional Connection

How to Draw Your Customers In with Signage

In a world where new businesses are opening daily, How do you create an environment where people want to gather, shop, and socialize again and again? The answer is with signage designed for space branding, also called environmental branding.

The connections we make in life influence our experience. And the most memorable brands differentiate themselves from their competition by creating an emotional connection with their target audience.

At Gate City Signs and Graphics, we work hand in hand with our clients to create an emotional connection between staff and guests. From the moment your customers walk through the door, you want to give them an experience that keeps them coming back.

Signage That Speaks Your Customers’ Language—And Yours

Whether your business is a restaurant, brewery, retail shop, movie theater—or any other business for that matter—your brand should project a voice, vibe, and culture from the point of entry to the point of exit. For many businesses, the experience can even start in the parking lot and before the client enters your building or storefront.

The right signage can create a visual and sensory experience at every point of interaction. It is these points of interaction that create integral elements to influence how a person feels, behaves, and interacts with your brand.

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Space Branding: How Good Sign Design Activates the Senses

When you create visual movement with signs, you create emotional movement with those who interact with the space. Gate City Signs and Graphics specializes in providing great signage for an amazing effect on all those who encounter your space.

Space branding can evoke a wide variety of positive brand experiences for clients, staff, and partners.
• Uses all five senses to communicate a message
• Boosts employee morale
• Gives customers something to talk about
• Builds connections between staff and clients
• Allows people to interpret your brand on an experiential level
• Develops pride in your brand, product, and mission
• Cultivates brand loyalty
• Encourages team mentality
• Promotes feeling part of a group or movement
• Creates social media-worthy moments
• Adds value through authentic, organic marketing
• And more!

In today’s business environment, you can no longer throw up a sign and hope people will come. You have to give your target audience a reason to walk in your door, a reason to stay, and a reason to return.
Every surface of your business is a marketing and branding opportunity. Look up, look down, look left and right. What do your customers see when they enter your business, walk through a doorway or turn a corner? Do you want them to see a boring, blank wall, floor or ceiling? Or do you want them to be Wowed at every turn?

You know the answer to that question! Let Gate City Signs and Graphics be your space branding partner.

Discover How Space Branding Launches Your Business into the Next Level Today.
Gate City Signs & Graphics will help you create a look with high visual impact!

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