Science Doesn’t Lie: Vehicle Wraps Are Effective Marketing Tools

Science Doesn’t Lie: Vehicle Wraps Are Effective Marketing Tools

You already know that vehicle wraps are durable. As a general rule of thumb, you get about five years of useful life out of a professionally installed vehicle wrap. Whether you are a retailer or provide a service, you cannot afford to let this type of long-lasting advertising tool go untapped. The effectiveness of this kind of signage is as significant as its longevity. Is there science to back up this statement? Media Life Magazine has done the research, crunched the numbers and tallied the results. The figures speak for themselves.

Making Use of Marketing Psychology

Psychological marketing works. Seeing the wrapped heating and air-conditioning company van in your neighbor’s driveway makes you believe that they are either getting a new system or upgrading their current one. This is the crux of the effectiveness of a vehicle ad campaign. By suggesting that the neighbors bought a product, the folks on the right or left may be more susceptible to your marketing materials. When you make sure that your service professionals go on house calls with marketing flyers, it never hurts to contact the neighbors and leave some information behind.

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Looking at the Numbers

While the researchers only looked at one marketing campaign, the numbers easily transfer to other campaigns – including yours!

  • 17-Percent margin of influence. Of consumers who were aware of the company, 17 percent noted that seeing the ad campaign actually influenced their opinion of the business. Imagine if you could generate 17 percent of goodwill among those who are already familiar with your business! This could result in plenty of word-of-mouth referrals.
  • 66.67 Percent assume your sale to others. Two thirds of consumers seeing wrapped trucks believed that folks, in whose driveways the trucks pulled in, actually bought the product. The psychology of keeping up with the Joneses is a powerful motivator. Even if you are not selling your product to every homeowner in whose driveway you park, the assumption of your product’s popularity will itself lead to more popularity and therefore influence future buying decisions.
  • 50 Percent assume business success. Half of the onlookers believed the advertised company to be successful. If half of the consumers who see your wrapped van, truck or car believe you to be the employee or owner of a successful company, this image boost could make a big difference in the number of customers who will buy high-ticket items from you. This is particularly critical if you sell lifetime warranties with your products. Since the warranty is usually only as good as the company selling it, your perceived success gives consumers the confidence they need to do business with you.

Last but not least, the most persuasive statistic suggests a 30-percent share of increased company name awareness when vehicle wraps, vehicle graphics, or fleet wraps were used a marketing tool. This is the type of data you simply cannot refute. To find out how you can get your vehicles to have these effects on the open road or while sitting in gridlock traffic, contact us for more information.

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