Safety Signs for Gates in High Point NC

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Safety Signs for Gates in High Point NC

Your organization can control the traffic flow of trucks that are going in and coming out of your facility when you utilize gate safety signs. Even before pedestrians or motorists enter your premises, these signs will serve as your first line of site management to maintain orderliness. Fortunately, as our name may suggest, Gate City Signs & Graphics is one of the top suppliers of gate safety signs for High Point, NC.

Why Safety Signs for Gates or Fences?

To make certain potential accidents, like ramming of the gate or severe tire damage, are avoided, our gate signs are highly visible. Based on your needs, we can also customize your markers. Our signs are able to communicate security protocols, safety reminders, and gate procedures effectively whether you choose warning, danger, caution, or notice messages.

You face risks that are tougher to resolve than avert when you turn a blind eye to basic traffic management at your campus’s exit and entry points. You accept the possibilities of and accountability for security breaches, accidents, and misconduct on your property each time you open your gates for a guest’s car. Lower the chances of facing problems and remind motorists of safety and security rules by posting danger signs near or on gates.

The gate safety signs we offer were specifically designed to be able to withstand most temperature conditions, to avoid looking worse for wear, and to be heavy duty. Depending on the item, you can pick from steel, polyethylene, or aluminum. To extend its performance and life, we can also upgrade your signage with a special coating.

If your signage is not visible it does not do anyone any good. That is why our reflective markers are visible from up to 1,000 feet. We will also design your signs with contrasting colors. We can install your gate safety signs for you, or you can do it yourself since each sign comes with four pre-drilled corner holes

Types of Gate Safety Signs

Some of the more popular gate safety signs we get requests for include:

  • Caution: Gate Opens Automatically
  • Automatic Gate Opens out
  • Danger: Gates Open & Close Automatically
  • Gate Remains Open for One Vehicle Only
  • Caution: Automatic Gate Do Not Tailgate
  • Proceed with Caution after Gate Rises
  • Automatic Gate: Time for Only One Vehicle at a Time
  • Keep Clear! Gate May Move at Any Time
  • And many more.

Many of our signs also come in Spanish and English, or we can customize your sign to include any language you want.

We Offer Custom Solution

In addition to the above marker types, we will customize anything you want. We often recommend incorporating your company’s branding into your signage because it lends a level of authority to your signs while also increasing your brand awareness. Using our state of the art equipment, we can perfectly match your company colors, logo, and fonts.

If you are ready to make your property safer, contact the friendly experts at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on gate safety signs for High Point, NC.

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