Restaurant Signs: Using Signage to Create Ambience

Restaurant Signs: Using Signage to Create Ambience

Does your business have a story to tell? When you’re creating ambience for your restaurant, many owners think color, furniture, flooring, and art. But don’t forget signage. Restaurant signs are a very important part of your restaurant décor package.

You’ve surely heard the phrase, “If these walls could talk…” Well, walls do talk. And people listen.

Gate City Signs and Graphics is helping raise their customers’ profits by creating environmental branding packages. Your interior and exterior walls are the perfect places to tell your story. So, if you create the right scene and deliver on your goods and services, you can be setting your restaurant up for business success in the community.

Restaurant Signs that Invest in Your Customers

Think dimensional! Let your branding message and colors spill down walls, float across floors, and travel around corners. Environmental branding helps establish your business in several ways.
• Brand personality
• Messaging
• Values
• Identity
• Customer experience

Your brand is one of a kind. And what your brand represents is not tangible. In most cases, it’s a feeling. Gate City Signs and Graphics can create, manufacture, and install environmental branding signage that captures your restaurant’s personality in a colorful, physical, and three-dimensional form.

Investing in the proper restaurant signage is a win-win for the restaurant owner, staff, and diners. When you set the right atmosphere, your customers are more likely to stay a little longer, eat more, and drink more. Plus, they’ll want to share their experience on social media, recommend your restaurant to friends, and come back again themselves. Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing available because it adds to the longevity of your business in the community.

These are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you invest in environmental branding with your restaurant signage.
• Excited and engaged customers
• Optimized space
• Expert design
• Happy employees
• Additional food and drink purchases
• More generous tips
• Higher social media following
• Social sharing opportunities
• Increased word-of-mouth recommendations
• Boosted foot traffic
• And more!

Restaurant Signs from the Inside Out

Many business owners think that all they need to do is hang a few signs outside and traffic will pour in the door. But today’s consumers are much smarter than that. Yes, their experience begins in the parking lot. But it continues after they walk in the door and even when they visit the restrooms.

How do your customers feel when they walk in the door? How would you feel when walking into a similar establishment? What are your customer’s expectations? And do you not only meet them but also exceed them?

Signage for your restaurant can be both decorative and functional.
• Storefront signs
• Exterior signs
• Door and window signs
• Façade signs
• Ground signs
• Custom outdoor signs
• Wayfinding signage
• Wall graphics
• Environmental graphics
• Interior signs
• Hanging signs
• Floor signage
• And more!

A branded environment expresses your restaurant’s personality by using your brand assets, color palettes, typography, and graphic elements on surfaces that invite your diners to interact.

Do you own a restaurant or an eatery?
Gate City Signs & Graphics can help create an Environmental Branding package for You!

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