Recruit with Wall Graphics

Recruit with Wall Graphics

Attracting Employees & Student Athletes with Visuals

Did you know that you can recruit with wall graphics? Whether you are a small or large business, a college or university, a nonprofit or other organization, it’s necessary to entice the right people for your team.
And you may have a prime recruiting space at your place of business that you’re not using. That’s right!

Many offices neglect the FREE marketing space right in front of their noses: the blank walls of entrances, lobbies, hallways, and gathering spaces. Even doors, windows, and bathroom stalls can be a viable use of marketing space.

These spaces are key areas to broadcast the personality and branding of your organization. And if you’re looking to recruit top talent for your business or secure student athletes for next year’s team, you’ll want to excite them at every stage of their visit.  From the time they walk in the door to the time they leave, you want them to have an experience they won’t forget. By recruiting with wall graphics, you give your visitors an experience that speaks to them directly. And you give them an experience that will make them feel that your business or organization is the place to be.

How to Recruit with Wall Graphics

Think of each blank space in and around your establishment as a potential billboard. You can recruit with wall graphics by incorporating your brand’s colors, mission, culture, image, and emotion. In turn, a visit to your organization becomes a fully immersive experience.

Gate City Signs and Graphics specializes in providing creative solutions to refresh the walls and other surfaces both inside and outside of your place of business. We offer a wide variety of graphics and marketing solutions for your company or organization.
• Printed vinyl graphics
• Wall graphics
• Printed fabric
• Canvas prints
• Window graphics
• Door graphics
• Floor graphics
• Sidewalk graphics
• Ceiling graphics
• And more!

Studies have proven that office spaces and surroundings can directly affect both mood and productivity. So, when you want to recruit with graphics, you’ll want a display that stimulates conversation and creativity, inspires your guests and employees, and instills confidence and teamwork—all for a reasonable cost.

Your graphics design project will be handled by a dedicated team of professionals here at Gate City Signs and Graphics. Our designers and installers have years of experience. We know how to implement your vision from idea to reality in just a few weeks.

Our full-service sign team will monitor every step of development to ensure that your sign meets your specifications.
• On-site surveys
• Scaled drawings and/or renderings
• Original, creative designs that coordinate with your branding
• Accurate color matching
• Large range of materials
• Full implementation your vision
• Complete installation of your wall graphics

When you recruit with Wall Graphics, you’ll garner top talent and athletes!
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