Rebrand Your Company with a New Logo

Rebrand Your Company with a New Logo

How to Rebrand and Grow Your Customer Base

Rebranding your company with a new logo can be an exciting, yet risky venture. While you want to keep up with the times and your changing customer base, you also don’t want to abandon or confuse your current clientele. So, how do you dress up rebrand or rethink your brand while keeping your customer base intact? With professional advice and hands-on design experience!

Gate City Signs and Graphics has more than two decades of graphic design experience under one roof. We’ve seen our share of companies come and go over the years. And we’ve learned a bit about what works and what doesn’t work.

Consider us as part of your marketing and branding team. We can help redesign your current company logo with a few slight changes that will help you look like a progressive, forward-thinking organization. Then we can help you by designing a sign package that incorporates your new branding design, colors, and message.

To Rebrand or Not to Rebrand

While it can be tempting to rebrand to get out of a sales slump or fix some other business issue, the design of your logo should be well thought out. For example, it would be wise to revamp your product line, customer approach, brand philosophy or other business procedures as you rebrand your company with a new logo.

Simply updating your logo without changing anything else would make your customers feel duped. So, if you’re going to change your logo, then change some other things as well. Your customers will know that your changes are more than skin deep. And they’ll most likely remain loyal to you when they see you making changes that will make their life easier.

Rebranding Your Company Story

Before your logo is redesigned, you’ll first want to think about how your company story has changed. Do you have a new focus? Has your business grown in an unexpected direction? Do you have a new face for your business?

The goal of rebranding your company should always be to revitalize your brand, create buzz, reach new demographics, broaden your appeal, and make your story and brand relevant in a sea of local, regional, national, and global competitors.

Your New Logo Design

Redesigning a logo does not have to be drastic. Think about the changes made to the Pepsi™ and Coca-Cola™ logos over the last several decades. The changes have been soft and incremental—just a little at a time. Your logo design may involve a few options that keep your brand recognizable.
• Adding a color
• Slight color change
• Font change
• Restyling your current logo

Either way, we don’t recommend anything drastic. You still want people to recognize your logo and your business—whether it’s spotting your product on a store shelf or your sign from the street.

Bottom line? Don’t go it alone when it comes to rebranding. Get a professional to coach you through your rebranding effort. Then try your new logo (or several new logos) with a marketing test group. You’ll get an honest response from a well-rounded selection of customer subjects, which will give you the information you need to launch a new logo while both maintaining and growing your customer base.

When you’re ready for a logo redesign, call Gate City Signs and Graphics. We are here to serve you and help make your business a success!

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