Re-branding your Reception with Lobby Signs

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Re-branding your Reception with Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are very important to your branding.  Think about it—this is the symbol that is going to stick in the minds of your customers as they’re waiting in your building.  It’s essential to leave viewers with a good impression.  But people often overlook the importance of these displays and quickly rush to get a sign done.  It’s easy to neglect your design and end up with a lobby display that doesn’t portray your business well.  Let’s look at some tips to keep in mind that will help you create an excellent lobby sign. 

1.  Choose Your Material 

When creating your lobby sign, you’ll need to select a material that suits your brand.  Heavier signs look nice, but are the most expensive.  However, there are many lighter alternatives that can achieve an elegant appearance or even create the illusion of being heavy.  You’ll need to research the material before you choose and consider factors like sun fading, humidity, etc.  Figure out how the material will hold up over time and choose appropriately.

2.  Use Varying Textures

Textures draw the eye and add interesting visual effects to your lobby sign.  Stainless steel and other smooth textures can make for a modern look, while rough, grainy textures appear more quaint or rugged.  Put contrasting textures beside each other for a combination that will get your sign noticed.  For example, pairing brick walls with brushed aluminum dimensional letters can look classy as long as it’s designed correctly.

3.  Appropriate Size

Your lobby sign’s size needs to take the surrounding area into account.  How big of a space are you working with?  Make sure your sign is big enough to get recognition, but not too large.  You don’t want to take up all the space in an area and overdo it.

4.  Remember Your Branding

Do you already have a company logo?  Maybe your business has colors that are associated with it?  Keep your branding in mind when you make your lobby sign.  Use symbols, colors, and other elements of branding that you already have when you craft your lobby sign.  This keeps your style consistent and further strengthens the perception people have of your business.We know you’re busy, so if you need to focus on finance instead of graphic design, let us help.  Here at Gate City Signs, we walk you through the creative process to find the best options for your business display.  Our experts are happy to work with you to create a lobby sign that suits your tastes.  Contact us for a quote and let us know if you have questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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