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There are a couple of reasons why successful entrepreneurs have these signs installed.

First, these signs are perfect for businesses that have an old-school or classic branding. When people see sandblasted signs, they automatically associate them with dependability, years of experience, and trustworthiness because of its rustic and earthy appeal. This can positively impact your company’s brand credibility because your customers will want to spend their hard-earned money on a business establishment that they feel like they can rely on.

Second, you have the option to make your signage look vintage and old-fashioned minus the poor quality. Back in the day, wood was the only option for people who opted for sandblasted signage. This is the reason why entrepreneurs spent more money on maintaining and replacing these signs. But thanks to modern technology, custom sandblasted signs can be made from High-density urethane or HUD which is a substitute for wood. It looks and feels like real wood, but it doesn’t wither as easily. It’s also bug proof, more dimensionally stable, and more resistant to all the outside elements.

Thus, if you’re looking for one-stop-shop for all your needs relating to custom sandblasted signs, then better check out Gate City Signs and Graphics. We provide full-service project management in order to provide the best customized solutions for your business.

Gate City Signs and Graphics is among the top-rated graphic and sign companies in Greensboro, North Carolina. We only use the best materials and top-notch technology to ensure the quality and longevity of our signs. We also utilize modern installation techniques to ensure that your signs are efficiently put into place, and for it to not easily budge in the event of calamities.

Our team of highly trained production, installation, and repair professionals is dedicated to making sure that our work is done right the first time, each time. Our friendly staff can also assist you if you have any concerns or inquiries at hand. Plus, our amazing design experts can give you the proper guidance when it comes to choosing the most ideal layout, color, font, and other design elements so that you can effectively communicate your message to your desired audience.

Our company really goes above and beyond to meet and even exceed our client’s expectations because we want you to reap the maximum benefits from your signage. We take pride, not only with our products but also with the level of service that we give our customers.

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