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Applications of Post & Panel Signs

Very few signs deliver more impact for your business than custom post and panel signs. The posts can be as tall, and panels can be as large as your local signage regulations allow. Most panels are often printed on two sides to provide perfect visibility from both directions. You can even combine two post-and-panel signs in a single “V” shape to ensure extra impact. To enhance visibility at night, dusk, and dawn, you can add illumination to your sign.

Moreover, you can custom design your post-and-panel to include your company name, logo, colors, and other essential information. Overall, post-and-panel signs are popular in several applications, including:

Commercial sign panels: Post and panel signs offer a permanent and long-term signage solution for identifying stores, offices, restaurants, factories, and other businesses or organizations. They are also helpful for marking schools, libraries, civic offices, parks, and other agencies and sites.

Real estate sign posts: For shorter-term applications, post-and-panels work great for real estate agents and developers. You can use them to note the availability of retail, residential units, or office space for lease in a building, apartment building, retail center, housing development, or condominium. Real estate agencies can also use decorative post and panel signs for advertising available lots or design/build opportunities in an industrial park or describing a new project. Besides, these signs can help alert potential tenants or buyers about availability dates.

Construction project signs: Post-and-panel signs also help in site identification on a temporary basis. You can use them to display the name of the building project, identify the architect and contractor, show the name of the company or developer, and reveal the completion date. They also provide directions to construction vehicles

Different Choices of Post and Panel Signs

Many industries can benefit from decorative post and panel signs. Whether your choice in post-and-panel signs is permanent, temporary, or shorter term, there are various types of materials to choose from, including:

Alumalite Post and Panel Signage

This hybrid material combines high-density plastic filler with an aluminum face. The plastic filler gives alumalite added support to resist the elements, while the smooth aluminum face provides a perfect surface for applying full-color property renderings.

Aluminum Post and Panel Signage

These are a great choice for building site identification, wayfinding signage, directories, business identification, and directional signage applications. You can customize your selection with decorative posts and paint colors, and finishes.

MDO Post and Panel Signage

Medium-density overlay (MDO) is an affordable but sturdy wood product featuring a smooth white finish. This allows seamless installation of vinyl graphics and lettering on the face of the signage. MDO is a great choice for temporary building site signs, lease advertising, and display of rental and building information.

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At Gate City Signs & Graphics, we can help you turn your idea into reality. Our professional sign fabricators and installers will help you achieve the look you want to complete your business brand and image. We know what our clients require and understand how these cost-effective exterior signs can help generate business. Contact us today to discuss the various post and panel signage options!

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