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Monument Sign Varieties

When you drive around the city, one of the most recognizable exterior signs you will see are monument signs. They are usually used as a landmark when businesses give out directions. For example, your receptionist may tell clients to “Take a right on Old Battleground, and we are on the left after the big yellow sign.” These markers come in several different varieties to fit any business:

Reader/Message Boards – You must have a message board if you have information that changes often. With just a few keystrokes, these signs are simple to program. On the other hand, you actually manually insert letters into the sign with reader boards. To keep you from having to use 9s in place of Ps, we will supply you with a full set of numbers and letters.

Sandblasted – These are the best option for medical offices, real estate offices, retail stores, and other facilities looking for a warm, traditional appearance. Natural redwood or high density urethane are typically used.

Routed Panels – These markers are one of the most robust alternatives. There are illuminated, recessed, acrylic/PVC, metal, and acrylic/foam panel options.

Foam, Metal, and Concrete – One of the most affordable monument signs is raised acrylic or foam logos and letters on an aluminum marker with a concrete base. We can use spotlighting or landscape lighting to illuminate these signs after dark.

What Businesses Should Have Monument Signs?

You can find our high quality monument signs throughout Winston-Salem and Greensboro. We get the most requests from organizations like:

  • Auto dealerships
  • HOAs and neighborhood communities
  • Mall entrances and strip malls
  • Professional office buildings
  • Franchised and independent eateries
  • Local and state parks
  • Sports arenas
  • Building complexes
  • Churches and schools
  • Dental and medical offices
  • Andy many more!

Illumination Alternatives

We can include the lighting for your monument sign into the design, or we can use landscape lighting. The two main lighting alternatives we provide are LEDs and neon tubing. With our classic neon tubing, you get a warm, colorful light. Unfortunately, neon lights do not shine as brightly in cold weather.

This problem is not present with LEDs. Also, since LED lights are extremely energy efficient, you will save hundreds of dollars each year on electric bills. Plus, you can count on them to last for up to a decade of continuous use. You save on maintenance costs this way. And, in the last few years, they have developed to the point where they are indistinguishable from neon.

Areas We Serve

From our location in Greensboro, NC, Gate City Signs & Graphics proudly serves the Winston-Salem, Lenexa, and High Point, North Carolina communities along with every area in between. For a free consultation and quote on monument signs, contact our friendly experts today.

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