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Benefits of Channel Letter Signs for Business

Channel letters are generally affordable, long-lasting, and, when configured correctly, can be a critical part of your marketing and advertising efforts. Channel letters can provide the following benefits to your business:

1: Easy Customization

Channel letter signs can be customized to fit your business needs, including fonts, colors, sizes, and design wishes. You can select from a wide range of channel letter types and pick the right fit for your store and budget. Custom channel letters are precisely crafted using state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures the durability, quality, and appeal of these signage solutions. With such a wide array of fabrication options, channel letter signage can become literally anything you imagine them to be. Your only limitations will be brought about by zoning laws, codes, and regulations.

2: Different Types of Illumination
Channel letters are illuminated in a myriad of ways. Although you can choose channel letter signage that doesn’t light up in the evening, if you need visibility for 24 hours regardless of the prevailing weather situation, you should opt for illuminated channel letters.

Common types of illumination for channel letter signage include:

• Front Lit Channel Letters – These channel letters are made with an acrylic front face that is either clear or colored, plus aluminum backing and returns (sides).

• Reverse Lit Channel Letters – Sometimes known as “back lit” or “halo lit,” these channel letters have an aluminum front face and a back made of clear polycarbonate or acrylic. This allows light to shine through the back to create a glow between and around the letters.

• Open Face Channel Letters – This is another common type of channel letter with the face exposed to show neon tubing or bulbs inside. However, some light laws often forbid this type of channel letter in most regions.

You can also get specialty channel letter signs that blend various elements of these three types to give you the appearance and feel you desire.

3: Indoors and Outdoors Applications

Since channel letter signs can be either lit or unlit, you can get both indoor and outdoor variations for your business premises. LED-illuminated channel letters also serve as eye-catching directional signage for businesses. They allow you to keep a consistent image, translating to improved brand recognition.

4: Brand Recognition

If you’re trying to save money on marketing and advertising, channel letter signs are excellent for communicating your brand name and image. With a wide range of customization options available, you can easily get the fonts and logo pairing and show them to thousands of passerby every single day.

Consistency in your branding, such as your indoor and outdoor signage, brochures, and internet presence, can increase your brand recognition and reputation. Besides, they make you look more professional and well put together.

5: High Visibility

Other than being a requirement by law or other mandates, channel letters are gorgeous and professional. Whenever your potential clients or customers see your brand name in stylized lights, they will start to recognize it—and eventually, stop in.

Overall, signage is a significant part of brand recognition. With the high visibility of LED lights, coupled with a cool or sophisticated design, you can give off the correct first impression. Channel lettering is an efficient and effective marketing tool that will continue to inspire interest long after purchase.

Final Thought

Channel letter signage is an essential feature in your company’s total image. Your illuminated channel letters, building location, and other graphics all work together to compliment your business and corporate brand. Besides, 3-D channel letters are an important opportunity to showcase your business brand. At Gate City Signs & Graphics, we can help turn your vision into reality using quality channel lettering. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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