Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs

Do clients need a search team with headlamps in order to find your enterprise once darkness falls? Or, does the lack of lighting around your building cause customers to question whether they are safe stopping in? You should consider buying Cabinet Signs for your Greensboro or Winston-Salem area business if either of the above apply to your storefront. Your organization can count on a boost in sales when you contact Gate City Signs & Graphics for any of the following exterior signage solutions.

Our Work

Lightbox Cabinets

Any advertising campaign can benefit from lightbox cabinet signs. These markers can stand up against the harsh elements due to their construction from high gauge aluminum. They are painted with car grade paint and receive a powder coat finish. We mount the lightbox cabinet to your building and take care of all of the electrical work.

Pole Cabinets

Pole cabinet signs are the perfect option if you want to make sure people can find you from miles away, such as businesses located near the freeway. They are mounted high up on a pylon. Our pole cabinets can be one- or two-sided, and they are constructed to keep your message from being obscured by the pole.

Cabinet Monument Signs

When you combine monument signs with lightbox cabinet signs, you get illuminated monument cabinet signs. They do a great job of catching the eyes of pedestrians and motorists alike. One option is reader board monument signs, which are manually updated with physical letters. These are often found in front of churches or schools. Also, LED message boards have become a common alternative for organizations that need to update their information regularly.

Our signs are most often illuminated using light emitting diodes (LEDs) or neon tubing. With its unique brightness and look, neon tubing has its benefits, but LED technology has taken over the industry with its energy efficiency, low maintenance needs, and robustness. Unlike neon, LED lights are unaffected by changes in temperature. We recommend LEDs for most projects.

Areas We Serve

Gate City Signs & Graphics is happy to serve Lenexa, High Point, Winston-Salem, and every place in between from our headquarters in Greensboro, NC. Contact our friendly professionals today for a free quote and consultation on illuminated signs. 

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